???? KETO Results and Symptoms • Weeks 1-3 • Insane Weight Loss

???? KETO Results and Symptoms • Weeks 1-3 • Insane Weight Loss

OMG!! I can’t believe how much weight I lost in 2 weeks on the Keto diet! Insane weight loss!!!
Recent Keto Update https://youtu.be/P1ueiX2JO4U

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20 thoughts on “???? KETO Results and Symptoms • Weeks 1-3 • Insane Weight Loss

  1. Thank you so much for watching! Don't forget to subscribe! I am doing an epic giveaway once I reach 10,000 subscribers!!!

  2. This video would have been much easier to watch had your left hand been locked down under your butt……way too distracting.

  3. I do "Almost keto" so I can get 30 grams of fiber daily. I also don't eat more fat than protein – high fat diets reek havoc on the colon and can cause cancer – beware

  4. Im not sure what it is you need to do for the constipation but i read one of the other channels last night..your lacking something or having to much of something thats causing that..i do believe if u lack fiber that has something to do with it too..don't quote me just look around on some of the other sites..one of the drs also said what to do or why its happening as well. I've read and watched so much I forget lol and I'm exhausted atm so i got brain freeze lol ( new puppy)

  5. My FAVOURITE DOCTOR of all time had given me the best advice I'll ever receive. Listen to your body. I've learned just how wise he was. And now listen to my bevod above every other input.

  6. As far as keto goes look up epilepsy. Its actually a very well known treatment of last resort for intractable epilepsy. Oh! And really hot coffee will help "move" things along…

  7. Going keto…. don't cheat. The idea is to keep in "the zone." Dried fruit is a good thing. In moderation. Especially with lots of water. And that helps with the…other.

  8. Ty for this share.. I am facing similar in regards to veggies and fruit coming from vegan but my body would just bloat and I was constantly hungry…now on keto only day 4 I can feel my body calming down- I can easily do one meal a day…but as I progress will keep adding in more veggies and fruits as you suggested in a later vid – ty for the warnings re cheating…

  9. Thats interesting. Keto did the opposite for me. It reduced my bloating and constipation issues dramatically. I eat a lot of veggies though and alot of rasberries! Dont overthink the diet, do what best for your body. Eat more fruits and veggies (asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, limited squash, CABBAGE, etc)

  10. Intermittent Fasting/Keto/Detox????My Sleep Amazing….My energy level too the roof. I can't wait to exercise#HITT????I'm feeling Amazing! Thank you God, for Willpower…The Strength ???? to do all things, through Christ Jesus. #Phil.4:13

  11. At present I’m not a very technical minded woman so this was ideal for me simply because provide quite clear guidance as it essentially takes a minute to get up and running. It turned out to be a no-brainer for me! To start with, is the introduction guides that provides a good lay-out and easy reference e-book. I essentially was able to get started right away, the development was genuinely easy. The 3 week dietary plan helps it to be hassle-free. Discover more here https://tinyurl.com/yck9a2hh

  12. I eat lots of lettuce. Low carb and it keeps things moving. Check out Dr Berg. He says eat your greens. Lettuce,kale, spinach. Thanks for the comparison. Also small amounts of berries are keto.

  13. Ketosis can be quite dangerous. Make sure you are drinking enough water – this will help flush the ketones from your system and also help with the constipation. As ketones are an acid byproduct of burning fat for fuel, keep an eye one them – Diastix (Australian pee sticks, don't know if you have them where you are) will show you what level of ketosis you are in, and you really want to drink enough water so your pee is clear but the strip shows ketone purple. Seriously, that will help with the constipation a lot. Water is key, improving constipation, flushing ketones and stopping full blow complications.
    If you find Full keto too restrictive, some people find equal or even better results on the 5:2 Intermittent Fast Diet (5 days normal, 2 days keto fasting). Thank you for your video, very interesting to see your experience 🙂 <3

  14. Hi Deedra! I found you from Budget Girl’s Channel, when you did the group live. Excited to check out your content.

  15. Awesome!!!!! With keto can you up your fat intake to help with constipation? If not, how about trying some probiotics and upping water intake?????????

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