3 WEEKS ON THE VEGAN KETO DIET – crazy results (energy, focus, hunger, fat loss)

Here’s my 3 week experience on the #ketogenic diet, VEGAN STYLE!!! Click to watch what i typically ate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0fHpMib0HI

There’s a lot going on here but i promise it’s worth the watch! Also, don’t forget to check out Miles’s video after this one for a male’s perspective on the ketogenic vegan diet and his experience through it all. We had a lot of fun putting this together and have many collabs in the future planned! If you watch his vid, tell him the Queen sent him ♡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5ljHu_u2gw

In this video i covered:
-WHAT i did
-WHY i did it
-HOW i did it
-How i knew i was in ketosis
-what i ate and my macronutrient split
-hitting my micronutrients
-cravings, appetite, satiety
-exercise/strength/endurance performance
-mental energy, acuity, and my relationship with food
-electrolyte balance
-VEGAN keto while being social
-to whom/when i would recommend this particular diet

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20 thoughts on “3 WEEKS ON THE VEGAN KETO DIET – crazy results (energy, focus, hunger, fat loss)

  1. Thank you for this. You echoed everything I experienced when changing from a low fat high carb whole foods vegan diet to a low carb whole foods vegan diet. Very brief keto flu (one day), and food bingeing and cravings were gone within 48 hours. No stunning immediate weight loss, but absolutely felt better than I have in years. I truly wish there were solid randomized controlled studies independent of industry influence to look into this more closely.

  2. Diabetes physicians like Dr. Sarah Hallberg (see on Ted Talks), Dr. Jason Fung (a nephrologist (kidney specialist) in Toronto), Dr. Ken Berry and my own physician (no youtube channel LOL) have REVERSED Type II Diabetes in thousands of patients.

    Ironically, high fat cures fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome and hypertension.

    For animal reasons (I grew up around farms where livestock was treated very very humanely, always felt bad when they were taken to slaughter:((, I am going vegetarian (eggs only – farm)

    The demonization of fat was a literal FRAUD perpetrated by Harvard researches paid off by Big Sugar in the 1960’s.

    Recently an article in the Journal of American Medicine and the Lancet re-exposed (it’s been known for a decade) that the Harvard researchers were paid around 150,000 k each to blame the rise in cardiac disease and obesity on fat, when in fact carbohydrates were shown to be the culprit. Especially carbs combined with high fat.

    Keto is perfectly healthy. Much healthier than either the US or Canadian Food Pyramid which is insane. Keto was used to stop seizures in epileptics for years. Keto has also been shown in studies to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Several large studies are coming shortly from Verta Health (Dr. Hallberg’s Clinic).

    So, I am doing vegetarian keto – no meat – no dairy – just eggs which I get free range from local farm.

    Yes, add sodium to your diet with pink salt.

    You can get a ton of potassium from spinach, and actually cooked is better. Packed with potassium.

    NO HUNGER, NO CRAVINGS, you can go for hours and hours with no cravings on keto.

    Important NOT to use sweetners. Not even stevia. As soon as your body tastes sweet stuff your pancreas releases insulin, which causes a roller coaster of cravings and you’re trying to quieter insulin for obese and diabetes patients to raise insulin sensitivity.

    I never eat grains. Digestion is a lot better for me but then celiac runs in my family.

    I ENVY the skinny people who chow down on toasted bagels all day LOL!

    My longtime vegan friend was 40 pounds overweight but went keto and lost all of her overweight and started weight training. Her protein had to come up for the muscle to build

  3. I’ve heard don’t count the carbs from vegetables. Not sure if that person knew if it would kick you out of ketosis or not. I assume you can’t just eat all the potatoes you want haha

  4. I've been on keto for about 6 months and I feel good some days and like total crap other days. Minimal meat mostly fish and I eat eggs not sure what I'm missing. Any advice?

  5. This is such a great and informative video! I'm a type 2 diabetic and looking to do a vegan keto diet. I've successfully managed my sugars on keto, but I'm looking to do a plant based version. This video was very helpful. Thank you so much!

    (Also you are so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  6. chocolate hemp milk, chocolate chia, walnuts, chocolate flax n peanut butter, and fake chicken salad/fake chicken beef n broccoli w cauliflower

    I love chocolate
    know this..Maaaaan

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