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2 thoughts on “30 Day Keto Challenge with Dr. Jaime Seeman

  1. She looks great but keto isn’t sustainable. Raises cholesterol quite high. Also she’s wrong that you no longer burn sugar. When you eat a lot of protein your body converts the protein to glucose. Only a very high fat keto diet burns ketones and most people on it are miserable then quit. Sadly, they’re already used to eating lots of fatty meats and bacon so when they add the stretched back in the pile on the pounds and regain it plus some more. She looks great and is a doctor but she’s recommending something that is a known risk for heart disease and cancer.

  2. The worst time for me is on day 4/5…I have terrible …deep cravings for sweets.  And they are not short lived.  I will try to reach out for support when this happens!!! arghhhh!!

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