30 Day Keto Diet Review And Weight Loss Before & After!

Three HUM staffers take on the keto diet for 30 days! See their experience, difficulties, and surprising before & after results! Subscribe to HUM Nutrition for more: http://bit.ly/hum-youtube

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20 thoughts on “30 Day Keto Diet Review And Weight Loss Before & After!

  1. Wow a registered dietician that doesn't know that eggs are high fat and you don't have to add cheese or cook the bacon in butter. You don't have to have bacon at all. You dont have to have cheese. My GOD! You really failed at this challenge and have no idea what the Ketogenic Diet is.

  2. Love that this world has been so brainwashed. SUgar is the sole cause of cancer. I will put my life behind that and if I am wrong may me and my whole people family burn in hell.

  3. As somebody who has lost 103 LBS in 5 months on Keto, the key is faithfulness to the diet. The cheating in this video was the downfall of all the women in this video, and it is almost 100% the reason that some people say “Keto didn’t work for me.” I’ve seen it many times in my short time on keto.

    Ignore all the macro/net carb nonsense. Count total carbs and calories. Eat one meal a day with some meat. No need to count those protein and fat numbers. Keep your total carbs at a MAXIMUM of 20g’s a day. As for calories, I go for 1200, though 1500 is also a good number. I eat 1-2 meals a day, and I combine it with intermittent fasting in which I eat between 11AM-6PM.

    This has been my secret to lose 103 LBS since 01/07/2021 (today is 06/22/2021). If you’re interested in retrying the diet, I highly recommend these nutritional numbers. I guarantee you that you’ll see better success. After 2 weeks, you’ll begin to see your carb-cravings and constant hunger disappear.

    To end this video by making a universal claim of “Keto isn’t sustainable long-term” is absolutely laughable when you weren’t completely faithful to the diet to begin with, and you never truly experienced the true state of Ketosis because of giving in, thus compromising your state of Ketosis.

    Get a real ketone meter. Not an inaccurate test strip that measures old ketones in your body’s waste and you’ll see the very reason why you weren’t actually in full-blown Ketosis.

  4. I literally have no clue why they even let the girl who didn’t do keto correctly even talk anymore like it’s weird

  5. 30 days & they only last 4.5 lbs & 1 lb. Something is not right???….
    Try these two channels to learn how to lose more: Keto Rewind (she lost 100 lbs in 1 year) and Dr Berg (he educated you on how to do keto for the most weight loss but, more importantly to heal your body.

  6. In a month it seem they would have lost more. I lose more on a regular diet. Don't think it's for me

  7. three likeable, funny ladies, made it fun too watch. to lose a ton of wait you would need to have a calorie deficit of some sort, so five pounds is great consider!! love your video . people that below hating, the ladies were honest, chilled and told you their journey. you can do it differently or disagree, no need for the harsh criticism.

  8. 3 women that didn't even need the diet, nor could tolerate or adhere to it. Waste of my time watching.

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  12. I knew this comment section would filled with cray keto people lol. Keto people are the new vegans for real. Anyone who’s not into their thing is, or doesn’t like it is EVIIIIL ????????

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