30 days of Keto & Intermittent Fasting Before & After

It’s time to stop messing around and start this weight loss journey!! I’m really excited for this whole process, god knows I need to lose some weight! lol

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Robert Jefferson Weightloss

I tried Keto & Intermittent Fasting for 30 days

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20 thoughts on “30 days of Keto & Intermittent Fasting Before & After

  1. You got this rob! Consume less, burn more. You got it! I'll get that portfolio for, The Trials and Tribulations idea. And you can eat, but you gotta portion, smaller bits, and keep to your guns! I did it, if I can lord knows you can.

  2. Just shows you how different we all are. I do 20/4 IF M-F and 16/8 on the weekends along with keto and absolutely love it. I feel amazing and restricting my feeding my window to just that 4 hours is freeing strangely enough. We all gotta do what works for us and what is sustainable for long term success. My biggest problem was learning that when I slip up to not just give up. Consistency is key. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Omg its Rob, good for you man I've been a subscriber to comics explained since like 2015 man I'm trying to lose about 60 lbs doing intermittent fasting wish me luck man and all the best to you!

  4. I'm on this journey with ya brother I came in @317 last week and this is what I need. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Can I recommend a diet for you?
    'Anabolic diet' or more specifically, lower calorie dense foods.
    The one person I should point you towards would be 'Greg Doucette'
    and others who follow this basis like 'Remington James'

    You essentially can cook foods you love as long your calories are low (calories in, calories out)
    High protein (more filling) high fiber (more filling) and higher volume of food to make you feel full.
    it 100% worked for me and I effortlessly loss more fat (20 to 12% fat)

  6. You dropped this video at a good time for myself since I've been looking into keto recently. You rock! I also happen to think similarly, my brain begins to trail off and I have to catch myself to stay focused in conversation sometimes.

  7. This style is kinda fun, keep going!!! Btw so glad you're remastering Hickman's Avengers & New Avengers

  8. Man, it feels kind of weird saying this as someone who just really enjoys your content from hundreds of miles away, but I’m really freaking proud of you for going on this journey and absolutely crushing it. Also, I flipped when you said you were in the middle of remastering Hickman’s Avengers holy shit

  9. House and powers of x is a play on Orwell's animal farm. No animal shall kill another animal ect. I love that story. You killing it lately on comics explained.✌

  10. First, I am rooting for you Rob because i know exactly how it with the can't wait to eat. Second, I started a diet about a month and a half ago where i just put a max limit on the amount of calories i can eat each day. I also switched to diet Coke instead of regular and reduced the amount of it that i was drinking. Basically by cutting out excess sugar it has been a very successful diet. I still every couple of weeks or so have a treat day where i just eat what i want. This diet has worked for me so far. I started at 365 pounds and I am now at 340 pounds, Now i just need to start exercising.

  11. Hi Rob, congratulations on your health journey! Do you think you’ll begin a strength training program? It can be very helpful for reaching your goals. Not saying that it works for everyone, but strength training helped me to lose fat, still eat a good amount of food and I find systematically making progress enjoyable. It was also nice to focus on progressively gaining strength instead of only focusing on the scale. Just my 2 cents. Great videos!

  12. I went from 280 to 250 on keto and used fasting and Intermittent Fasting to get down to 235. I think that in the beginning losing weight fast through intermittent fasting and Keto is the way to go in the short term…but after you reach your goal create a strategy to keep the weight off or use those diets to get half way and then lose the rest long term with a lifestyle strategy. Losing weight fast can help your mindset and if you prepare for the long term you can prevent over eating

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