4 Week Keto Shred Challenge – Exactly What to Eat

4 Week Keto Shred Challenge - Exactly What to Eat

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This keto weight loss challenge will cover:

– Exactly what to eat (for breakfast, lunch & dinner)
– When to fast (how long and which days)
– How to properly break your fast

There will be LIVE coaching broadcasts on:

– 10/5/2020
– 10/12/2020
– 10/19/2020
– 10/20/2020
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20 thoughts on “4 Week Keto Shred Challenge – Exactly What to Eat

  1. I’m going to try I to but I know it won’t work. Nothing works for me other than starving to death

  2. I wonder how the people asking for a cheat day before it all began did????… great plan – will try it for sure

  3. How are the measurements for the protein shake on fasting day? I feel this guy is knowledgeable but EVERY single video has different keto stuff and not enough info on the measurements like how much protein for my shake. I really want to follow this program but I don’t have the full information

  4. Hey there. I just came across this video and your channel. I'm really loving all the content. I haven't started keto yet and I was wondering if this is shred protocol is something I could start off with, or should I do a different protocol to get keto adapted first and then do the shred?

  5. Dude. I thought you said not too mix fat with protein! So what’s up with shrimp and ghee together?

  6. Gonna be consuming 200grams mackerel, 270grams chicken wings and 225grams of steak daily 2 whole eggs 1 litre of almond milk and 140 grams of berries and pomegranate. I’m out of the gym after surgery and still wanna lose weight anyone know if that’s adequate enough ? Am gonna fast 20:4

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