84 KETO MEALS FOR $40 | Extreme Keto Budget Grocery Haul & Cheap Keto Meals

84 KETO MEALS FOR ! The Extreme Keto Budget Grocery Haul & Recipes

Since the beginning of the New Year is usually when we refocus on our budget, I thought I would do a video centered around how you can be on the keto diet without breaking the bank. I decided to take an extreme (well extreme for our family) grocery budget of and show you how you can get creative and make a week’s worth of keto recipes for a family of four (two adults and two small kids).

For this budget challenge, I shopped at Walmart. I assume that you have access to the basics like salt and pepper and some sort of oil or butter. Obviously other seasonings and spices will help make some of these recipes taste even better, but I wanted to show you that you can still be on a keto diet with minimal income and grocery budget.

Many of you have been asking for keto budget meals and cheap keto recipes so, here ya go.

Here is my Walmart Keto Grocery Haul Receipt:
Romaine Lettuce .48
Pork Shoulder Butter .50
Frozen Chicken Thighs (64oz) .75
Zucchini .49
Yellow Onion .40
Canned Green Beans .50
Cauliflower .98
Celery .88
Cream Cheese .46
Frozen Spinach .92
Green Onions .50
Mozzarella Cheese (16oz) .36
Sharp Cheddar Cheese (16oz) .36
Sliced Ham (16oz) .76
Eggs (60ct) .05
Total Keto Grocery Haul: .49
(I probably could have got another can of green beans!)

0:00 Intro
1:42 Keto Grocery Haul
2:38 Cheap Keto Food
5:19 Keto Meal Prep
8:13 Cheap Keto Breakfast Ideas
14:40 Cheap Keto Lunch Ideas
18:49 Cheap Keto Dinners


Keto Egg Cups: https://www.ketofocus.com/recipes/keto-egg-cups/
Keto Ham Frittata: https://www.ketofocus.com/recipes/keto-ham-frittata/
Chaffles: https://www.ketofocus.com/tags/keto-chaffle-recipes/
Instant Pot Shredded Chicken: https://www.ketofocus.com/recipes/keto-instant-pot-shredded-chicken/


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20 thoughts on “84 KETO MEALS FOR $40 | Extreme Keto Budget Grocery Haul & Cheap Keto Meals

  1. I just have a problem with the fat on the chicken not being cut off, yuck!! but to each his own….

  2. Yes, please do more of this! The price of groceries has become ridiculous so it's good to have ways to stay healthy on a budget.

  3. I love love your videos!
    Cute, interesting, to the point and best of all you make us laugh. Barf in a bowl haha

    Keep the money saving videos up ❤

  4. Guess inflation is a thing, I looked up that Land o Lakes lb of ham on my Walmart grocery app as I also do online grocery, instead of $1.97, it's $3.98 here, and I'm in the midwest! :O

  5. These are some good ideas and I will probably use some. Personally I think think these recipes rely on eggs and cheese too much and the meat was questionable. Would have liked to see healthy balanced keto meals.

  6. My jaw dropped when you said you bought that huge pig shoulder for $8-9. Here it’s around $20 for a much smaller cut. Eating healthy/keto is extremely expensive in NYC, but I do my best. I try to buy only what’s on sale and I still spend $50+ a week for just me. Sighs. Can’t wait to leave this city.

    Anyways, thanks for the vid! Very inspiring!

  7. Not sure how those leftover eggs turned into multiple days of breakfast + sandwiches.

    A few other things were off as well. How about you do a real video that your family actually eats?

  8. The reason I haven't done keto is because of the expense. I now have new eyes. Thank you

  9. This is for 4 people? When you mentioned 8 chaffles for two days and two chaffles each, it made me think only 2 people. Or maybe you mentioned making 8 chaffles a day.

  10. If anyone is thinking how expensive KETO is, look how much you spend eating out, starbucks etc. You will probably save money in the long run. This video is GREAT!!

  11. Thank you for showing this! But I have a question…. How do we measure each food to know that there is 4 portions? And as well how would one know how much to measure if one is counting calories? Thank you very much 🙂

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