A keto diet for beginners

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0:29 Two different fuel sources
1:28 Benefits of ketosis
3:06 The evolutionary perspective on keto
4:38 What you’ll learn in this course

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16 thoughts on “A keto diet for beginners

  1. #KetoPortal
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  2. it's helpful to know what you're getting into! I've been a little over 10 MONTHS, I'VE DROPPED 125 POUNDS I love it. Therefore, I thought that sharing my experience would help others. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE ☘️☘️ S FEEL LIKE I'M IN MY 20 AND I'M IN MY 40☘️☘️

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  4. I fell out for a few months(though was on keto for much longer than off) but I’m going back. Maintained weight since but I just feel disgusted with my current state and need to get back on track.

    Autocorrect, I’m talking about keto, not Jared Leto…

  5. This guy is so informative, great video thanks ! (I really appreciate a lack of confusing jargon) And the animation makes it easier to understand too:)

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