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20 thoughts on “Ask the Expert: Why is the Keto Diet Not Recommended for Blood Pressure Management?

  1. This is sponsored by a hospital who needs more patients. Keto has reversed my diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, depression and the list goes on.

  2. I lowered my carbs ( almost to keto level from 70 to 80 carbs a day to 35 net carbs) and unfortunately my blood pressure is still bad. I was also having problems with high blood sugar readings in the morning when I first reduced my carbs to the 45 net carb range. I am seriously considering trying the D.A.S.H diet. I have been on low carb now for 6 months and it just isn't helping me. Sure, I've lost weight but with Metabolic X syndrome I have to do more than just lose weight. I need to be healthy too. I even exercise an hour a day and 2 to 3 days of HIIT at 30-40 mins on those days.

  3. The biggest joke is the title: "Ask The Expert". How about "Ask the Greedy Stupid Dumb as Dirt Foreign Doctor who left his own country's people behind to make money in our country by helping big pharma kill more of us". ??

  4. I was on four blood pressure meds for many years with my pressure averaging 195/113. My Doctors kept adding to the meds. I now eat a healthy keto diet which has lowered my blood pressure and took me off all medications. I don’t eat animal fat or saturated fats. I eat many avocados and nuts for my fats. I also eat OMAD. I realize most doctors feel they have a solution to health issues which they don’t. My doctor said that my new diet is not healthy…..????????????????????????.

  5. My doctor told me that if doctors knew how to loose weight there wouldn’t be so many fat doctors. ????

  6. I have been on a high fat, low carb diet for 5 full months. I’ve lost 22 pounds. I’ve lost the psoriasis that I’ve had for 20+ years. I don’t starve—I’m satiated (sensing misinformation here). I stopped taking proton pump inhibitors for acid reflux 1 month into this diet. I no longer crave sweets, have more focus and barely notice the arthritis that has plagued me for 30 years. Oh, I also feel really good. Won’t be stopping doc. Nice try. I started this change not for weight loss but to reduce inflammation. Sorry that there’s no endorsement for pharma here. No extra money spent and actually where in the heck did starvation come from?

  7. Thats why I stop seing my doctor because he does not look good and healthy he cannot help me.

  8. Yeah, sorry eating meat and vegetables with butter and lard has lowered my blood pressure. Sugar is the culprit….not fat

  9. Check out jason fung md, ken berry md, ali nadir md and mark hyman md, they know what they are talking about

  10. Absolute nonsense, I've lost over 22lbs and i eat as much as i want, I'm never in a starving situation. And all without moderate exercise.

  11. I have lowered my bp 30 points. My cholesterol dropped 45 points and the inflammation in my lungs that remained after covid that was causing shortness of breath and fatigue is gone after four months on keto!

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