Can Keto be Used as a Detox?

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Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on research as well!

Can Keto be Used as a Detox? – Thomas DeLauer

There has been tons of “detoxing scams” over the years. Just saying the word “Detox” can trigger a response. So I’ll address how “detoxing” in the traditional sense isn’t a real thing, but what you can do is you can support your body’s own detoxing mechanisms…
As it turns out, our body has its own innate ability to detox itself, and, as it turns out, a keto diet has some pretty profound effects on this “detoxing” system…

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Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student:

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20 thoughts on “Can Keto be Used as a Detox?

  1. THANK YOU for all your support !! Don’t forget to LIKE ???????? the video and drop any COMMENTS and video ideas you may have for the future below ????????!!

  2. 14 weeks on strict keto. and IF 16 hrs. 3 LB WEIGHT GAIN.
    pee stick= occasional trace ketones. help. Ive read all the things that can stall success and they don't apply. am I too late to this party?

  3. I am on day 2 of the Keto diet. I am on Lipitor for very high triglycerides. Can you address if this will have an adverse or positive impact on my diet. I see my doctor in a week and will ask her too, but I'm sure this must have been brought up with you. I watch your vids a lot. You have been a huge help and inspiration!

  4. I 100% agree with the cognitive function! Sitting for board exams for 8 hours back to back was impossible until I went into ketosis and my focus and concentration has been pretty steady. I no longer need sugar or crash within a few minutes! So happy with the lifestyle and would highly recommend it especially to those who perform higher mental/cognitive functions and need to focus

  5. Thank you, informative and reasonably easy to understand ????????
    Can you please do a video on how we can measure if we are successfully reversing NAFLD ❤️

  6. I have a question for you Thomas, I love your videos and try to follow a keto diet but 4 days in I seem to suffer with chronic lower left back ache, nothing seems to sooth it, then I discovered that if I consumed sugar the pain went, any ideas what’s going on here? It honestly feels like my kidneys are failing when I’m 4 days in to keto, please help! ????????????????????????

  7. Please for the love of God stop your awful youtube ads. They are so obnoxious I have grown to hate you. I listen to youtube while I work so i often cannot skip autoplay ads. Most of the time it’s no big deal but something about yours just grate on my nerves. YouTube has decided your ads in particular should play constantly on EVERYTHING I listen to. I am begging you. Please, please, please make it stop.

  8. Can you please put the transcript of the video in the description? I don't know why you stopped????

  9. Need videos on what to eat when driving for work to stay high fat low carb, $5 per meal and enough food to feel like I ate a meal and not a snack. A $5 meat patty isn't enough food, 2 of them costs too much, a lettuce wrap will end up bloating me, tomatoes give me heartburn. I have kept pork rinds, jerky, meal bars, nuts and other snacks in my car but they are just snacks and I can't sustain a 9 hour road trip with snacks without feeling…not well. I get too hungry and then can't focus on work and end up in a drive through. I hate this! What am I doing wrong? Help?

  10. I am into 3rd day fasting. I get a bit of headaches. I drink salt water because low insulin level flush out electrolytes along in urine. But, I came across the same info many years ago that fat cells store toxins and I presume that the toxins get released during fasting. My theory is that if I reach the weight that I had been as a teen, it would mean lots of toxins from decades ago. I have another theory that herpes virus get activated through supressed immunity and may be through autophagy. That's why I take anti-herpes drugs (acyclovir) 800mg x 4 to 5/ day. For me, there's no side effect. My wife take 400mg x 15 x 4/day because of RA. There's this unconventional doctor in Japan who professes herpes virus as the cause. Whether true or not, we are running out of options since we do not believe in medicine supressing immune system. Long story short, besides side-effect, acyclovir can help when into keto or fasting?

  11. Do a video speaking about the types of metabolism and why some diet lifestyles don’t work in certain metabolisms like a carb efficient one with Keto

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