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20 thoughts on “Can the keto diet cause heart rhythm disorders? l GMA

  1. The keto diet requires supplementing with electrolytes. You loose alot of water weight and with that comes potassium, magnesium and sodium. Therefore the side effect of palpitations.
    It's not unhealthy if you correctly supplement with electrolytes.

  2. I have been on keto for a month, no afib at all. Usually have an attack weekly. I rest my case.

  3. I hate these <3min coverage (lack of) on such important health subjects. Irresponsible reporting. Headline-grabbing attention ONLY! One more of these irresponsible segments, I will be not watching this "morning edutainment news" program!

  4. A confused mind always says 'no'.
    Confuse enough people and it might be possible to bury this Keto stuff upsets the profits from big pharma and the food industry.
    I've done Keto for ten months and lost almost 90 pounds – I ain't going back.

  5. 14,000 people had to remember what they ate over a 22 year span and had them fill out a food questionnaire. That’s the study???? Boom, that’s all the proof I need lmfao

  6. Potassium and Magnesium…your body is in a diuretic state and your cells need the minerals replaced. 🙂

  7. Fried food in refined oil is a no no. If you do keto you need to do it properly. Just like any other diet

  8. A food questionnaire is not considered a test study. A keto diet is 5%-20% total calories. This study says 44%.

  9. 44% is not a KETO diet. The governmental guidelines are the dangerous part. Pushing breakfast cereals, oatmeal, margarine, egg white only omelets, low fat milk (milk sugar – lacrosse mostly), low fat yogurt (lots of added sugar), low salt. If you take in too much salt your body will eliminate. If you take in too little salt you can experience heart palpitations.

  10. I'm having palpitations after only 2 weeks of keto. I joining WW. I know keto caused it. LISTEN to your body every, and do what works for you!

  11. Actually this is true for me. During my fasting stages I get ectopic heartbeats and disappear once I eat. So fasting DOES affect heart rhythm.

  12. High carb diet takes decades to kill you while Afib could kill you instantly. Yeah, fair trade huh

  13. Love the results from ketosis BUT after 2 weeks of moderate protein, less than 50 grams of carbs and the remainder with good fats I always get PVC's.

    Cannot figure out why and my Cardiologist cannot help me. When I go off and out from ketosis it resolves itself usually within another week or two.

    It sucks cause I really like all the other effects. Any ideas?

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