Can the Keto Diet help me reduce inflammation?

Can the Keto Diet help me reduce inflammation? ????????❓

Our expert Dietitian Monica helps us to understand more about the ketogenic diet- and some of it’s potential effects on diet and health.

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18 thoughts on “Can the Keto Diet help me reduce inflammation?

  1. This is a ridiculous propaganda piece. There are many studies showing Keto has a MASSIVE effect on Inflammation… but nutritionists just can't help themselves. They cannot accept they are giving out wrong and dangerous advice.

  2. Eliminating gluten has definitely reduced inflammation for me 100%!! Plus other issues I suffered from for years. Keto has pretty much saved my life!!

  3. This didn't answer the question, here's why. I was vegan for a while, I ate only French fries and drank beer. I didn't feel so good (no, not really). Of course the Keto diet has to be done in a healthy way, assuming that, what is the answer to this question? Also, you mentioned research that supports this, and evidence that doesn't can you please cite some sources? It sounds like you're not in favour of a keto diet, but can you say how one would be on a healthy keto diet and reduce inflammation in a healthy way?

  4. She is slightly ignorant about the keto diet. You can absolutely have enough fiber and they are all foods that are anti inflammatory like green veggies and berries. Watch Dr. Berg on this.

  5. I was eating mostly vegetables and some grains, I also ate three pieces of fruit a day, that is what I was ingesting when I developed psoriatic arthritis. Vegetables are not necessary, there are no "essential" vegetables, there are however, essential fatty acids, and essential amino acids.

  6. sorry I disagree with you and I follow Dr Ekberg. – you are wrong. about high fat and low carb contributing diabetes you need to go back to school

  7. I see that the poor research continues to influence the "professionals" and that the Keto diet myths are the "facts" that these people stand on. I've got hundreds of studies bookmarked that show the Ketogenic diet does in fact reduce inflammation, and that saturated fat does NOT cause cardiovascular disease and that fiber actually CAUSES more problems than it cures. After decades of suffering with RA, and then later picked up another autoimmune disease, and then came the drugs, prednisone and methotrexate and then the biologics. When I saw that drugs were not fixing anything I began Keto and was off prednisone in 3 months, and then a year later methotrexate. Not only did keto get rid of my RA and other autoimmune disease, it fixed several other conditions that I had attributed to old age. I feel better at 67 than I did at 40, and I wasn't overweight or sedentary even then.

  8. Funny how keto diet fans who bang on about it's supposed anti-inflammatory effects always confidently state that carbs cause inflammation whilst never mentioning how red meat and saturated fats have at least as much evidence showing their inflammatory nature and never mention the anti-inflammatory substances in the fruits or grains they demonize.

  9. I like to look at thumbs up vs thumbs down when watching a video……51 vs 33 is not good ????

  10. I am getting off of processed foods with the help of Noom, that has helped my inflammation, so now I am dabbling with Keto. Everyone is different, if your current diet is inflammatory for you, then change it to one that might be inflammatory for someone else. Sugar, Lactose, and wheat is most inflammatory for me, carbs in general.

  11. I get my fiber from walnuts, almonds and spinach on keto. After 8 months I've lost 85 lbs. All my numbers are great.

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