Carbs You CAN Eat on Keto (Net Carbs Don’t Matter?)

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20 thoughts on “Carbs You CAN Eat on Keto (Net Carbs Don’t Matter?)

  1. Did I miss it? What did he say on Net Carbs? I've recently found Thomas and LOVE him and his videos. I'm trying to determine if while during keto if he is a fan of Net Carbs or Total Carbs. Anyone know? I thought this video might answer that yet I don't recall hearing it.

  2. I allow sweet potatoes and grapefruit in my keto lifestyle. I have no negative effects with them. Love them!

  3. I'm Irish and have been suffering since last month when I began the Keto lifestyle and I sure wish you mentioned this about sweet potatoes a month ago.

  4. Could you use a green banana in almond flour banana bread or does cooking change things? In the past I've just used banana flavoring.

  5. I am doing keto again pretty hardcore…. its killing me that I can't enjoy ice cream on the boardwalk with my son. But losing weight is more important to get healthy and have more years with my son.

  6. i must be one of those that the studies were about… being different. If I eat any amount of sweet potato my blood sugars spikes ….. A LOT

  7. Sir, when you give gram recommendation,, is that referring to pre or post cooking. I'm referring to sweet potatoes the purple varieties as well as orange potatoes.

  8. So If I buy something on your store , will that shipment be able to get to colombia? Or it is only able to canada and USA?

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