Coco's Story: The Medical Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy

Meet Coco and her family and hear about their experience with intractable epilepsy, the medical ketogenic diet, and KetoCal.

Learn more about the medical ketogenic diet for epilepsy at

KetoCal is a medical food for the dietary management of intractable epilepsy and is intended for use under medical supervision. Talk with your healthcare professional to determine if KetoCal is right for you.

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5 thoughts on “Coco's Story: The Medical Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy

  1. I'm happy to see the little gal doing so well, but I have to ask what nutrition is she eating for meals? This isn't a long-term, real life fix unless the ketogenic diet is implemented. It's a quick-start yes, but I'd like to know what sort of foods this family is eating??

  2. I had trouble eating, I’m new and my main goal is to build muscle and what worked for me is the keto diet that I got from . I’ve been using it for a couple of months and It’s been working for me, I don’t know if it works to lose weight but It has the option to. And remember if something is worth it, it aint going to be easy! I hope it helps 🙂

  3. Thank you for your experiences. Happy for the healing you've found for your family and now able to help others. What a lovely gift you've received ????

  4. Is it ok for 6 months old to try ketocal and how can we buy those..pls help i also have son like them.

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