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9 thoughts on “Diet trends: Pros and cons of keto, pegan, fasting and more

  1. Keto works but honestly I felt horrible from the start. I then tried the Agoge diet plan and it also worked, but I didn't feel bad at all, so I am sticking with the Agoge diet.

  2. Don't bother to watch this, thet just say "Keto is too hard" without even looking at a single benefit. Another reason I stopped watching TV and Cable broadcasts over seeing Real world Human stories of RESULTS on Youtube.

  3. I weigh about 564 pounds now but, I am planning to gaining more weight of 700 pounds by mid August or September 2019 for my new years resolution plan.

  4. Whole Food Plant-Based is absolutely easy and highly effective – not just for weight loss, but for optimal health!

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