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Hey guys! I am back with the next installment of my diet review series. This week I am covering the incredibly popular ketogenic diet. Within the last year or two, the keto diet has soared in popularity and I can understand why. It is a simple diet where counting calories isn’t important (who wants to count calories) and you get to eat a bunch of really delicious foods.

If you are curious, the name of the diet comes from the ketone bodies produced within your body as a result of switching your body to fuel itself through fats instead of carbs. This is also referred to as a state of ketosis.

Video Breakdown:

Opener- 0:23
Nutrition Basics- 0:28
How it Works- 1:05
Keto Claims- 2:12
Potential Harms- 5:07
Final Thoughts- 5:27
Bloopers- 6:18

I know many of you want to lose weight and there are tons of videos on weight loss out there. But I want to give you an honest doctor’s take on the keto diet, which is essentially a high fat low carb diet. Its claim to fame is that helps to burn body fat for energy, therefore helping you lose weight quickly. But is fast weight loss even healthy? + Is this the best weight loss diet?

Anyway, I could go into more detail covering the smallest intricacies of the diet but I did not want to weigh down the video, both literally and figuratively. Please let me know if this is too little, too much, or just the right amount of information about intermittent fasting.

Also, I want you to remember that diets are not all about weight loss but more importantly about eating healthy. So let’s get started with the Keto diet explained / Ketogenic diet explained diet review!

I sincerely hope you enjoy, and definitely let me know if you want more videos like this by giving it a like and a share.

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20 thoughts on “Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review

  1. Love this! Very educational and would love more diet review videos. It’ll help keep everyone informed and debunk a lot of those myths. Safe to say I will probably never do the keto diet, I love pasta too much ????????

  2. keto diet has been very helpful for 3 skin conditions that I have, along with better sleeping, more energy, brain is more alert & yes I have less body fat. I do eat lots of green vegetables, no processed meats, and only fats from olive oil , butter, avocados, coconut oil, anima/fish. I believe because its cutting out inflammation foods this is the reason for better health. I do not eat an Atkins style Keto. My keto style is very clean. It is hard at first, but if done properly I believe it is a very healthy way to eat. As long as you are not easily tempted by sugar/carb foods.

  3. this is total bullshit. Myself and so many others, when Keto is done right, have exceptional results, low cholesterol, and no health issues to winge about. Moderate healthy fats, fish, omega 3, NO SUGAR ADDITIVES, NO VEGETABLE OILS, only avocado oil, coconut oil, and raw omega 3 oil (uncooked) lots of vegetables stir fried, baked, soups, and high fish, low red meat, some chicken, pork, lamb, nuts, you are all good. take a multi if you want, you can eat berries, lemons, watermelon, fast from after your evening meal to midday. thats way more than enough to spike your human growth hormone.

  4. I don't get keto flu can switch from carbs back to LCHF pretty easy???? have some period of LCHF and some times enjoy some carbs no problem????

  5. Well, after reading another book from another Dr, ive been living in ketosis for about 2 weeks now(with 1 snafu day, the night my wife and i celebrated our anniversary). I feel great, way more energy(once i wake up, still having a hard time sleeping at night), i dont feel restricted by what i eat because i love meat. I have noticed that if i cab get and keep my fats at 80% or a little higher of my daily caloric intake, i feel better and lose more weight and i am able to push myself harder on workouts.
    I really didnt feel that strong of a "keto flu" when i started, mainly just exhausted. But i expected that when my body was using carbs and glucose as its energy source(while storing all the fats i ate and got myself up to 275lbs) and then i switch to trying to use fats. It took about 2 days for me to switch over, but once i did, i lost weight quickly, had energy, and gout runs in my family, i was worried how eating almost nothing but red meats would affect it. Nothing. All good.
    It usually wouldnt take a week of eating a little bit too much red meats for me to start to feel an attack coming on. 2 weeks in ketosis eating a lot more than just a little bit too much, and nothing has happened.
    If anyone including dr mike reads this, read Body Science by Dave Champion. Im curious as mikes take on that book.

  6. I'm on day 3 of keto diet, I have not have this much energy in a long time. I was almost eating keto anyways as I have celiac disease and cant have processed carbs even gluten free one

  7. I did keto for a year. I lost weight very quickly. 20 lbs to be exact. I never really felt mentally clearer and I always had this nagging discomfort in under my ribcage. Mentally it was exhausting always obsessing about how many carbs I had that day. I completely went off the rails afterwards though and regained the weight. I'm now in the process of learning to intuitively eat. I'm concentrating on nutritious foods and portion sizes. Along with living a more active lifestyle. Finding balance after so many dietary extremes in my life is my biggest challenge. Every day I wake up is a new opportunity to treat my body and mind with love.

  8. I basically grew up on keto because my family was really into it. I felt really good on it, but I didn't feel like it was sustainable. I still don't eat a lot of bread but I eat lots of beans, potatoes, quinoa, fruit etc and I still feel great. Only time I feel awful is when I eat junk food and sugars. Turns out my body is happy with most things????

  9. So I have a question for modern day doggie… actually it's not a question….DR. just a thought don't you think going on diets that are opaque of one's lifestyle are both dangerous and unsustainable… working against the flow can only lead to more stress n that is definitely not good for your brain n we all know that stress are causes for many diseases….. I mean I n many like me are stressed just by thinking about it….!!! ????

  10. Considering that we have unique biological profiles, investigating data on ethnic groups, gender, age reference, lifestyle, cultures, religions and health parameters. The human body is the perfect instrument, with a liver that has 500 functions, fingerprints never duplicated in the history of recorded time, the intellectual ability to network like an ecosystem. Yeah I'll take my chances with keto ????

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