Does Cyclical Keto Dieting Work? | Learn About Our 6 Week Trial of Cyclical Keto | Health Coach Tara

Does Cyclical Keto Dieting Work? | Learn About Our 6 Week Trial of Cyclical Keto | Health Coach Tara

Are you wondering if cyclical keto dieting is right for you? Have you ever tried cyclical keto dieting? Some people would call this carb cycling… which on its own can be very effective.
But, what happens when someone who’s had success with a strict keto diet tries cyclical keto??
Watch and find out how it impacted us and what our conclusions are based on our six-week experiment.

You can check out the cliff-notes on our blog post here:

00:00 Introduction
00:45 What is Cyclical Keto Dieting?
02:28 Experience with cyclical keto.
07:33 So, who could cyclical work for?

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20 thoughts on “Does Cyclical Keto Dieting Work? | Learn About Our 6 Week Trial of Cyclical Keto | Health Coach Tara

  1. We're so excited to bring you our experience & opinions on cyclical keto dieting! What Keto Diet topic should we cover next? Comment with your non-medical questions & topic suggestions!

  2. Have u guys tried carb nite solution? That's what I'm currently trying. Almost like carb cycling u go 5-7 days low carb then 1 cheat meal in the evening. Then the next day u just start again. I'm maintaining my wt but I like to try different diets at the same time like Carb nite and IF

  3. Good points but you didn't hit the gym after increasing carbs, this seems like the main benefit. Also no point in having the simple carbs, always best to have low GI carbs when cycling with a little of the non sugary high GI carbs like rice and pasta etc

  4. No disrespect.. but that is a bad women.. gawwdamn she’s beautiful.. my Man U are very lucky lol

  5. I am just starting cyclical keto first week. Prior to this i followed keto very strictly for 7 months. I lost a lot of weight too much really as my face started looking gaunt i keep record everyday with some very special scales. I found while on keto i lose bone density and muscle mass! (which i have concluded is a negative with Keto) but when eating high carbs and sugar my bone density increases and muscle mass goes through the roof! which are excellent benefits for eating carbs. So i have concluded that cyclical keto is the best diet. regarding keto flu the body gets used to the tansition from fat to glucose metabolism. so it adapts as long as you are exercising everyday. Also the carbs have excellent benefits on the digestive track which i have personally found. I think like you said it will be the will power and self discipline which will be the biggest challenges. I will keep you updated on my progress. i have found the best body fat percentage for me is between 17-18% so this is my target.

  6. Ive been eating low carb under 100 g carbs/day for more than 10 years. During the winter holidays I allow myself to eat carbs and yummy homemade desserts. It's so true that the more carbs we eat the more we crave. I've really noticed how lethargic and unmotivated I feel when eating desserts and processed carbs. And trying to get back into ketosis is like going through withdrawal, torturous.

  7. I do cyclical keto, but I also do alternate day fasting. So on the day I eat carbs, I don’t eat the next day. I feel fine doing it.

  8. I’m only in week 3/4, so I’m not ready to cycle carbs in yet, but when I do I just want to eat a sweet potato and some fruit on the weekends. Maybe a bowl of organic popcorn. But that’s about it. Hopefully I can make that work and not fall off the carb cliff ????

  9. Thank you for this! Very helpful!

    Lots of people report really good results from carb cycling. And some keto proponents def recommend it. Jockers, Pompa, Peltz, Sisson… even DeLauer. I feel it may be very important for some of us to not do keto constantly. But to cycle without problems… tricky… Maybe a LITTLE more healthy carbs some evening meals after moving a lot…? Adding mct and fasting to get back more easily… I’d imagine with time it becomes easier… Interesting issues! Some argue women should def cycle if we can…

  10. I do Cyclical Vegan Keto.

    What worked for me Is that I do 5 days on 1.5-2 days off but on my cheat days I don't eat excess amounts of carbs, or cheat meals it's like one or two things per day over a two day period but not every meal should be a cheat meal.

    Also water intake and how active you are play a huge part. It's super important to be even more active on your cheat days so that your burning off the meals you had when you cheat.

    Then your first day back on keto do a less demanding exercise such as walking so that your body has time to absorb the nutrients you normally eat when your in ketosis.

  11. I've done keto for a month lost some weight. Although I lift weights 3 days a week, I wasn't increasing in muscle size. Recently I did 2 days carbs and noticed my muscles looked pumped. Back on keto again. So I will now hopefully do carbs two days every week.

  12. I've been ckd 4 years now. And it's an amazing diet especially for athletes (hight intensity) the only problem was feeling like crap after carb back loading but if u consume low gi foods (high gi just after a workout) and limit ur fructose intake. The objective here is to fill ur muscle glycogen and not over consume carbs and back to ketosis the day after . Believe me if u consume moderate amount of low gi foods (ur leptin level will skyrocket when very low calories diet) that will help with hunger and ull have the benifit of carbs for intense exercise. Well if a person don't train hard I suggest sticking on keto or consume a little amount(one meal a day) of carbs periodicly. (every one month or so). That's my experience.

  13. I switch to water fasting and 1 meal a day when I go off keto. I'll have the 1 meal for the set amount of days and exercise soon after the meal (use the sugars quickly) I take in no more than 1000calories for the one meal. Then water fast for minimum 3 days and then hold out until my body says eat again(3-10 days in water fasting).

  14. I have tried a form of cyclical keto that actually worked for me… But it is not how most people would think…. On my "carb loading days" I allowed myself MORE of the already low glycemic vegetables that I was already eating, or eating a few more starchy vegetables for a day, OR … I had a piece of fruit… one piece of fruit though…So, whereas most people see cyclical keto as a way to eat the foods they miss one day per week… I just gave my body more of the low glycemic carbs that I was already eating on keto for one day or incorporated a small amount of a starchy vegetable for that day…. and I would only allow my net carb intake to be 50-80 grams max on a carb loading day.. And I might do this once or twice in a month… maybe… and sometimes I go one or two months without doing this at all… I found that this worked for me and did not create the carb cravings that people talk about resurfacing when they have a day of carb binge eating once per week…. It gave my body the metabolic flexibility of handling a larger carbohydrate load, without the side effects, and then led to an easy and quick transition back into ketosis within one day… So if I did this on a sunday then usually by monday evening I was back into ketosis…. Maybe try giving this approach a shot and see how you feel…. Because I do believe it is important that people (even while remaining keto) try to also have some amount of metabolic flexibility…. Otherwise, long term we may just be creating a higher amount of carbohydrate intolerance within our body… This is obviously not proven yet… But this is my belief… I believe eating ketogenic is wonderful and sustainable for a life time, but we do need to try to create some metabolic flexibility in ourselves as I believe our ancestors had before the agricultural revolution messed up the human diet. … Great video… Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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