Dr. Jason Kaplan – 'A Cardiologist's Low Carb Journey'

Dr Jason Kaplan studied Medicine at UNSW and graduated with Honours in 1999 then completed his Internal Medicine Training at St George and Prince of Wales hospitals and Adult Cardiology training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Prior to training in cardiology, Dr Kaplan completed additional advanced training in medical oncology and pharmacology. His training in these areas allows Dr Kaplan to adopt a more holistic approach to patient care, particularly those with multiple medical issues.

Dr Kaplan has completed additional training in cardiac imaging in Australia and has spent time at the MAYO clinic in Minnesota, USA. He performs transoesophageal echocardiography, pharmacological stress (dobutamine) echocardiography and has brought the use of contrast echo and strain imaging to Macquarie University Hospital.

Dr Kaplan is currently a senior clinical lecturer in Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students.
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19 thoughts on “Dr. Jason Kaplan – 'A Cardiologist's Low Carb Journey'

  1. I had a CAC 3 years ago at age 63 when I started zero carb. My score was 5. Just had 2nd CAC. Score is 0. I’ve cheated some during holidays but this WOE has actually cleaned my coronary arteries.

  2. RE: Risk Calculators…

    If you have a CAC score google for "astro charm risk calculator".

    The Astro-CHARM calculator is supposed to be more up-to-date and more accurate than the MESA calculator.

  3. The gentleman whose cholesterol levels were shown at ~23 min mark didn't show HDL, I would love to have seen if that changed at all in addition to the other variables shown.

  4. Did I miss something? Did he tell what he had people eat? He said low carb but was it high fat, animal v. vegetable fat?

  5. Dr Kaplan, is it ok to take vitamin K2/7 while along with vitamin d3 while on brilinta & baby aspirin

  6. I might add a warning. Those on Warfarin need to be careful on vitamin K supplementation and refer to their cardiologist first.

  7. I had a high coronary calcium score, but only mildly elevated total cholesterol, Moderately elevated LDL level, lower HDL levels and a1c lower than 6.0% for years, but had a smaller, almost total blockage in my LAD where the calcium score was 1309. Total was 1931 though. Always battling inflammation I assume. Am prediabetic.

  8. In the US it is impossible to get a calcium scan without a costly doctor referral. It is anti-health.

  9. Amazing info! Very interesting! I have lost 125 pounds and turned my health all the way around. I was dying at just 37, now at 40 I feel better than when I was 16! Its a real lifesaver!

  10. In Quebec, the « standard of care » to determine if one is recommended to go on statins to lower the risk of CVD and stroke is the Framingham score « period. » Even though I provide evidence of a CAC score below 100 (done in US as not available in Quebec) makes no difference as doctors have to abide by the « standard of care » when it comes to help prevent CVD and stroke. Adopting a ketogenic lifestyle may lead to a higher LDL serum level to distribute the triglycerides and ketones used as fuel by the mitochondria. Will be searching for another doctor, I may need to go out of Quebec province.

  11. Thankfully this is starting to be taught at medical school by Dr Kaplan at least, hopefully more will follow suit

  12. Wow. HDL 0.8 TG 4.9 Hba1C 7.1 CRP 11.5!! that guy on a death march. 6 months brilliant result! I've done a Ketogenic diet for 12 months… my hsCRP almost Nil. Trigs 0.8 etc etc

  13. It should be also noted that in recent times Vitamin K2 deficiency is related to increase rate of arterial elastin degradation, and thus reduce arterial health, and increased susceptibility to plaque and calcification.. It should also be noted that VK2 levels fall in later age, thus increase CVD risk. There are a number of studies on this, lab studies on mice which showed rapid CVD death for mice bread to lack VK2 as against controls. ALSO as far as I am aware there is no lethal dose of K2mk7 People are well aware of the effects of K2 on artery minierlisation/calcification, but most unaware of the even more fundamental benefit of it on artery flexibility and health. Wonder why Okinawans live so long…. Natto

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