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20 thoughts on “Dr. Sarah Hallberg: How do I break a weight loss plateau on a ketogenic diet?

  1. Keto has been shown to be unhealthy in numerous studies, especially without doctor supervision. The Agoge diet was the only diet that helped me lose that stubborn fat without hurting my body.

  2. "… Is this really a plateau? … Stress can cause weight changes. … There is no definition for a weight loss plateau." omg. no wonder the US has simultaneously (i) the largest weight loss industry and (ii) the largest obesity problem in the world. you get quacks like these who say the comfortable lie because they're afraid to say the uncomfortable truth.

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  4. I left the video after “Death, Taxes & Weight Loss Plateau” – not something a respected doctor would say.

  5. This is useless for very disciplined Keto follower that have hit a hard plateau for real. Useless. I lost 65 pounds in 6 months ……. and all of a sudden no warning no changes I am stuck at 181 and it just won't budge.

  6. Amazingly I lost 3 pounds in 3 days on my first week of Keto; but when I reached day 4 my weight has not changed. My food is the same, the only thing that did change is I have not exercised on day 4. However I did not gain which I am grateful for to say the least.

  7. I think as you lose weight, your MBR goes down as well and you could be simply consuming to many calories to generate the deficit.

    Keto or not, nobody has abolished physics. Energy in – energy out has to be in deficit.

    Add exercise, lower fat intake and add intermittent fasting.

    Give your body time to adjust to the new weight, is a big change in many ways when you lose lots of weight. Many processes, including hormones may need time to adjust.

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  10. what has worked for me to overcome a plateau is to go on a slightly prolonged fasting period – for e.g. if you are doing no intermittent fasting (IF) at all, then you could start with 16:8 (16 hours fasting with 8-hour feeding window) if you are already on 16: 8, do day-long fast (24 hrs) aka OMAD, if you are already on OMAD, do a 36 hour fast & so on… the fasting helps break the set-point.

    I have been on keto + IF since Jan 2020 and I have lost 32kg (5 st, 70.5lbs) as of 28th Sep 2020. I have had several plateaus over this period and each time, I push either the Keto (reducing carb intake a bit more – for e.g. go from 20g down to 15g etc.) or go for longer fasting windows and that's helped me break the setpoint and continue the weight loss.

    I've got another 10 kgs to go to get to my ideal weight!

  11. Can OMAD cause a Plateau? Iam in Ketosis since December 2019. I lost 25kg but have still 15kg to go. Since i start with Keto, 9 weeke ago, i have not lost any weight? Cant OMAD cause my Plateau?

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