Fat Fasting has Huge Benefits (You Eat ONLY Fat)

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Fat Fasting has Huge Benefits (You Eat ONLY Fat)- Thomas DeLauer

Questions that will be answered within this video:
– What is fat fasting?
– What are the benefits of fat fasting?
– What should you eat during a fat fast?



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20 thoughts on “Fat Fasting has Huge Benefits (You Eat ONLY Fat)

  1. I'm none biased. So my question is coming from a place of pure curiosity.

    How do you know all of this?

  2. If you are talking about a fat fast, why are your images of eggs and Salmon? Those are protein… not fat… it’s confusing.

  3. Does PPAR cause that euphoric feeling that I felt on my 6th day while fasting? I had infinite energy.

  4. I wish there was more info on doing things like this while breastfeeding. I have healing to do and weight to lose and so I have been wanting to do IF, but it isn't recommended while I breastfeed. Does anyone know if this would be ok to do?

  5. Thank you for this. I have hit a plateau with my weight loss after 30 lbs. My ketones dropped too, stayed around 0.3-0.5. I did a 60 hr. fat fast (i had to stop due to fatigue) and then eased back into my normal keto eating. I am past my plateau weight and my ketones are now steadily around 1.0-2.3 range for the past few weeks.
    I will be doing fat fast again when i feel like i need a boost, just now i know 2 days are my limit for a fat fast.

  6. Can fat fasting be used instead of alternate day fasting you mentioned for gut health? Will it kill the bad bacteria like actual fasting? And if so, can we follow that protocol (one week of alternate day fat fasting followed by adding prebiotics)?

  7. You think we're all gonna jump out of bed in the morning and have a big, hot, steaming cup of pig fat?

  8. Thoughts on panchakarma and the Ayurvedic oleation cleanse? There is a lot of modern nonsense thrown in when you look it up, 'be sure and eat your leafy greens!'- but the jist was always fat drawing out toxins through ingesting a butt ton of fat (ghee is suggested), as well as the fat drip massage (I am down for that, lol) after.

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  10. I don't understand why MCT oil is suggested as part of the 20% of unsaturated fats; MCT is 100% saturated fat! Doesn't make sense.

  11. I am currently doing this ???? had a post workout shake: coconut oil, grass fed butter, evoo, sea salt, an avocado, MCT oil, and pure cream with organic black coffee.

  12. Can you go from fasting to fat fasting? I am thinking of going from my 20hr fast and continuing with a fat fast. Just want some thoughts on continuing

  13. fats only? I can see adding lots of fats to like soup or something. But I can't see chomping on scoups of lard or something. (BARF!) What do you eat that's all fat?

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