[Conversations with Dr. Westman: Episode 16]

For the longest time, fat was the enemy! We were told to eat low-fat cream cheese, remove the skin from our chicken and steer clear from fatty steaks. We were encouraged to eat whole grains and fruit as part of a healthy diet…MY, HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED!

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20 thoughts on “FAT INTAKE ON A KETO DIET — Dr. Eric Westman

  1. I started keto 2 weeks ago, I didn't know how it will affect my type 2 diabetes and on my birthday my sugar levels when down and I got so scared. I went to my doctor and my labs showed that my A1C number went down from 8.7 to 6.7. I was taking metformin 2000 daily plus glipizide 20 mg daily. Now I'm taking 1000 daily and keep going on the diet. I'm a little reluctant about the fat intake, but I try to do it as clean as possible. I have lost 6 pounds.

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  3. Is there research supporting 20 gms. of carbohydrate in a strict Keto plan showing that it is the ideal allowable amount. Is it there to provide for the consumption of fiber.
    What is the science supporting no carbs which puts you on the carnivore plan.

  4. If you ate only fat free protein and no carbs, your only source of energy would be glycogen and body fat. Right? If this is true would your body weight go down quickly?

  5. If a person is fat, how much fat do we eat to lose fat? Won't our bodies burn the fat we are eating before it uses the stored body fat?

  6. If you’re pretty healthy is it helpful to increase your fat intake to 50% and lower your carbs to 30% or do you have to become a “fat burning machine” to get a benefit?

  7. I'm all in on this, plenty of good fats are to be encouraged. I'm starting to notice, after almost two years IF and no sugar/low grain, I'm starting to naturally decrease the amount of fats I eat. I'm eating all the same high fat foods, just not say, adding as much extra olive oil just for the fat.

  8. Can we please have time stamps on the videos as some of us have heard the same basics over and over and would like to skip the basics.

  9. I have seen many of Dr Westman YT videos and he explains Keto in the real world well. This video is very interesting as it gets back to the basics and reinforces the success people have with Keto. Thank you for this video. One further comment the frequency of the advertisements in this video are ridiculous and cause a distraction within the video. Hope the further comment helps.

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