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Why is there so much hype around the keto diet? In this Healthline original, registered dietitian and nutritionist Tarah Venn covers keto basics including what the ketogenic diet is and if it could be helpful to you.

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  2. Nicely made video, good information, direct and to the point. Of course, beautiful presenter.

  3. Keto along with intermittent fasting definitely helped me drop 56 pounds in 3 months.. best of luck to everyone on their journey ????

  4. This is probably the best, most concise and informative presentation about Keto that I've seen online. I've been trying to convince some family and friends to try out Keto and, although there are other good videos out there, they tend to be overly detailed and time-consuming for someone who's reluctant whom you're trying to convince. I will definitely share this with my loved ones. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this! ????????

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