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5 thoughts on “Full Day of KETO Eating & Intermittent Fasting | High Protein Keto

  1. Good stuff keep up the good work! Not enough Keto people on YouTube preaching the higher protein Keto

  2. Thanks for sharing.  You seem to have an easy to understand routine.  I have been doing keto for seven years.  I like the mental clarity, high energy and appetite suppressant attributes.  I have a basic list of items delivered from Whole Foods twice a month.  I enjoy a plant-based keto lifestyle along with 18:6 intermittent fasting daily.  I have two well balanced meals daily over six hours.  I avoid fruits except berries, starches, grains, corn, sugar, soy and processed foods.  I have a list of healthy whole food staples but I will divert occasionally.  I keep it simple so I do not have to over think it due to my busy schedule.  Keep sharing and talking.  Cheers!

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