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20 thoughts on “Functional Approach to Ketogenic Diet | Mark Hyman, MD

  1. I’m 55 and been doing clean ketogenic diet with 18/6 intermittent fasting and my weight is down from 209 to 184 , my blood glucose down from 177 to 105 at one hour after dinner, my BP down from 162/96 to 128/74 and I haven’t had acid reflux after the first several days into this diet , before keto I had to constantly take Prilosec . Apple cider vinegar has been a huge part of my keto diet, 2 tablespoons of it and of lemon juice in 16oz water three times a day has helped my gerd reflux heartburn issues. My energy is high and mood is great! I have “fatty liver” and learning that keto will reverse fatty liver got me onboard to work towards better health . I challenge everyone to check out the research about all the benefits that healthy ketogenic diet offers . Thanks Dr Hyman for great commentary, especially pointing out the importance of the glycemic index of foods and how to keep your insulin down . ????????????

  2. Why can’t we just have a balance ? Jeez…56 Whole Foods vegan here and doing very well and looking much younger too

  3. A great way to lead to a heart attack and cancer is to eat a neat and fat heavy diet. To really be healthy switch to a whole food plant based very low fat way of eating. You will drop your weight and be truly healthy and happy.

  4. Dr Hyman thank you for doing these videos. I want to ask why most insurance companies will not pay for us to go to a functional medicine doctor. Here in The Tucson AZ area functional medicine doctors don’t take insurance and are concierge doctors. What are doctors doing to change that so we can have true health or is it just the money like so many other things in medicine are? Why are doctors moving away from caring for us?

  5. I have been doing ketogenic diet, when I started I was 60 pounds heavier and my A-1 C was 12.5 now I am just at 200 pounds I’ve lost 60 pounds in my A-1 C is it 5.6 I don’t even need insulin the other health benefits aside of lowering my blood pressure improved improved cognitive function just for the blood sugar affect only do I recommend this to anyone with diabetes type two .many doctors do not like it because they don’t get the insulin sales they used to .all kidding aside ketogenic diet deals with insulin resistance ,not putting a Band-Aid on a broken spine. But fixing the problem and all of the cascading other issues the insulin resistance brings with it I have been on every other diet known to man they all made me lose some weight but they were impossible to stay on and none of them zero not one touched my blood sugar issue .

  6. Ur oversimplifying the case, fat is not the enemy, and neither is carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet is a fad diet created by marketing, that will eventually fade. ANIMAL meat, Dairy products, cheese, bacon and egg are classified as carcinogens..Yet these are foods that dominate a keto diet..Saturated fats and cholesterol are the main culprit in heart disease and hypertension and yet ur promoting a diet high in fats..This is not sustsinable..Why mortgage ur body by doing keto, and fasting, when u can go to a plant based diet and get all the benefits without the hassles of starving urself..U dont need to be in ketosis to be healthy,syop misleading people by promoting a diet obviously funded by the meat and dairy industry…Not for everybody? But u guys are promoting it for every body..No, .You cant seriously do a vrgsn diet by being keto at the same time..Based on meta anslysis, the long term bad effects of keto like coronary heart disease and artheriosclerosis, far outweighs the short term benefits..BESides,not only does keto cure the top 15 killer disease, it enhances most of these chronic ailments like cancer.. Define carbohydrates? fibers are carbohydrates and yet ur saying eating bacon and fatty meat are healthier??? Cut the crap..Your the one confusing the science….

  7. I wish Mark had occasionally looked at the interviewer instead of only addressing the camera. It looks real uncomfortable for the interviewer and watching was uncomfortable for me. He's not giving a lecture or a talk so he comes off as dismissive of her once the question is asked. I've never seen him not engage with an interviewer in any other video.

  8. For those of us who love the topic of health, ketogenic diets, overall feeling of wellness, and all the like…. but keto just feels awful!!!! You’ve mentioned some people don’t do well on keto. How do we make it work for us? If there’s no way, what is the next best thing? I already eat almost all whole food items with an every now and then tortilla or something. I just can’t shake the headache on keto.

  9. At minute 15 the statement regarding the health benefits for a person suffering from T2D is profound. I am on Keto and have lost weight and have checked my blood…I am still on statins however….I'd like to come off of them but will need to try it with my doctors supervision. I'd love to hear what you think the acceptable ranges for HDL/LDL etc., would be considering the perspective that the Keto diet has turned the food pyramid upside down…are our target numbers for HDL/LDL also a bit out of date with reality?

  10. Very rude to not make at least occasional eye contact with your interviewer. It almost appears that you are trying to not look at her.????????‍♂️

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