HOW I LOST 135 POUNDS ON THE KETO DIET | 100,000 Subscriber Giveaway!!

HOW I LOST 135 POUNDS ON THE KETO DIET | 100,000 Subscriber Giveaway! #HowToLoseWeight #KetoDiet #WeightLoss

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Hey everyone! Today I am discussing How I lost 135 pounds on the Keto Diet! I also hit 100,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel! Leave a comment below on what you would like to see next! Thanks for watching and subscribing.

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0:00 How to Lose 135 pounds on Keto Diet

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20 thoughts on “HOW I LOST 135 POUNDS ON THE KETO DIET | 100,000 Subscriber Giveaway!!

  1. THANK YOU EVERYONE! So much LOVE, warmth, and support. I love sharing my journey with you! Also, don't forget to enter Novembers giveaway by:
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  2. Believe it or not I have a new doctor and she was the first health expert that told how bad carbs and sugar are for me/us. I went home and looked up how to live without bread, and keto kept coming up. I was in love with the keto way of life when I found I could enjoy bacon!!! I started in April and I'm almost 80 lbs less.

  3. Dr. Atkins is the Original Ketosis Diet..heals heart disease and cancer eliminating sugar and carbs will save your life.

  4. Thank you so very much for sharing your weight loss journey, it makes me feel like I'm not alone with the fight against weight gain. By you sharing your knowledge has help me to undertstand how to eat better and I don't feel alone while taking this yourney along with you and the help of your videos and the lovely and easy recepies you have taking the time to learn and to teach us.

  5. Mayra!! *pick me, pick me!*
    1) Congratulations on living this healthy lifestyle, I’m so excited to be joining the lowcarblove life!!
    2) I found keto through research that keto can help slow progression of brain cancer (which unfortunately I am dealing with at freakin 30 years old — FML)
    3) I found your channel with simple keto searches but have been OBSESSED with your recipes. I am now working with the author of “Keto for Cancer” and she approves of practically all of your recipes for my keto regimen.
    4) You’re so beautiful and I’m so happy you had the confidence to make this YouTube channel and teach us your ways. We love you!!
    ps – *pick me, pick me*
    IG: alicia_kalogeropoulos ????

  6. I've been doing low carb (not keto) for 2 months and only ever lost under 2 pounds a week. My first week of strict keto, I lost almost 5 pounds. I'm sold, I'm tired of this taking forever, I've lost 20 pounds in three months of focusing on my weight which still feels good, but I feel like this is going too slow. Keto has definitely shown me that it's possible to drop more than just a pound and a half in a week. I'm not big on all the crazy Keto recipes. I'm a simple man when it comes to my food, but I'm so encouraged by your channel. You got a sub from me girl!

  7. Did I hear right? You had your tummy tuck at 18? I just started keto, because they say fat is good for the brain cells. I've had a low fat/low sodium life style.

  8. I did the Atkins diet over ten years ago and lost 95 lbs in one year. Eventually I gained it all back because I felt that there was no discipline in that process and took it for granted. Now, I'm back to losing weight and exercising but one thing I noticed in your before and after pics. You don't seem to have extra skin overlap like most people do when they lose so much weight. I have a belly that overhangs my belt buckle and I know that I will end up with extra skin and I don't want that. Do you feel that Keto is responsible for not having that extra skin left hanging? Curious.

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