How I Lost INCHES Off My Waist In 10 Days 👏🏻 bouncing back after a breakup ep. 2

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Do you want to lose weight fast? I have always loved researching how to lose inches off your waist, how to get skinny, how to get fit, how to lose pounds, etc… I wanted to share some tips I’ve found that work for me. I also wanted to discuss beauty standards and where I’m at when it comes to self confidence, self love, and self acceptance. As you know I got engaged almost a year ago. I recently called off my wedding. Losing weight was something I wanted to do for myself, as part of growing as a person after going through a breakup, and learning to make myself a priority again. Enjoy! 🥰

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20 thoughts on “How I Lost INCHES Off My Waist In 10 Days 👏🏻 bouncing back after a breakup ep. 2

  1. At 4:23 I instantly said “I Love You” 😂 you go girl your doing amazing at influencing us who can relate to take that first step!

  2. I see girls that are overweight, but still look beautiful. I'm underweight and I have problems with lymphatic system, so I look very bad even I'm on paper slim. Because my face and ankles looks so puffy and big that no one ever thinks that I'm thin. Every summer I feel so bad about myself.

  3. Omg I know exactly how you feel, you are my favorite person on YouTube now. I’m going through the same thing. And that bikini thing is soooooo true. I love my self and all for sure and when I’m by myself I hype myself up and I’m good but sometimes when I see other females, it’s not like I stop loving myself it just makes me question myself and confidence goes down just a little but then I say I doesn’t matter and I’m fine. But I feel this on another level. My waist right now is 27 and to some people that like good but for me personally considering the other measurements on my body I would like it to be a little smaller to make myself feel good❤️

  4. Fasting is great for you!
    Everyone should do it.
    I can totally relate to eating a healthy breakfast and then eating like trash the rest of the day….

  5. Omg PLEASE do a makeup tutorial with this look!😍😍😍😍 also hate that you had to justify all that girl, normal people understand everything you’re saying/ doing, everyone who doesn’t understand has their own issues, especially if they’re hating.

  6. Oh Alana Idk how to say thank you🥺
    I am really lazy to do Exercise
    You made me really happy with this simple and easy way to have a flat belly
    I'm gonna do it for 10 days or more to see the results
    Thnq so much💖

  7. You are SOOO beautiful, so stop complaining anything about yourself girll.(and i know you are making this videos for us with good intention but if you see yourself with our eyes, you would know what i mean😍)you are an amazing woman💕💕🌿

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