How I Lost Weight on the Keto Diet in 2 Weeks | Get Snatched Before Summer

How I Lost Weight on the Keto Diet in 2 Weeks | Get Snatched Before Summer

Wassup y’all! Welcome back to my channel ????. I experimented with the Keto diet and documented it for you guys. This video is JUICY! Educates you on what the Keto diet is, the pros and cons, exactly what meals I ate and how I moderated the Keto after my 2 weeks to fit my personal body and lifestyle. I hope you guys enjoy. Like and share with someone that’s trying to get snatched before summer! Love yall!

Enjoy ????

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20 thoughts on “How I Lost Weight on the Keto Diet in 2 Weeks | Get Snatched Before Summer

  1. I've been following Weight Watchers for almost a year and have lost 10 lbs. I recently tried a supplement called Vanguard Formulas because I needed something to help me make me less hungry. It did help me to lose more weight much faster!! Google it and see maybe it could help~~

  2. Thank you for your video very inspiring 🙂 you're "before" pic is similar to my body type right now… You don't see many girls with a smaller starting weight doing keto. Its been one week on keto and ive lost five to six lbs already. My body was also in shock and i got severe keto "flu". Hopefully this will pass and ill start feeling more energetic during my work out soon lol!

  3. This is a good video but why is the music so loud her voice so low ???? RIP HEADPHONE USERS ????

  4. Did u find yourself gaining the weight back after “altering” the diet or coming off the Keto diet? I would love to try it, but I’m sooooo afraid I’ll blow up like a fish when I get off.

  5. Usually, women and men show off their results while making a video. Tou had a sweater on lol. Your still have more heart than me though babygurl.

  6. I’m a new subscriber and I honestly love your page! I’d love to see like a week of what types of workouts you do. You’re doing so well on your journey! Stay at it!

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