How to Build Your Own Ketogenic Diet Plan for Weight Loss

How to Build Your Own Ketogenic Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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How to Build Your Own Ketogenic Diet Plan for Weight Loss- Thomas DeLauer

Dr. Stephen Phinney and Dr. Jeff Volek, two of the most prolific pioneers of low-carb research, collectively came up with the framework for what makes a well-formulated keto diet. Within this framework they discuss the 4 phases of weight loss that occurs while following a keto diet. So in this video I’ll explain the 4 phases of weight loss on keto and how you can apply this information to your keto diet. Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!

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20 thoughts on “How to Build Your Own Ketogenic Diet Plan for Weight Loss

  1. Three months before you posted this video, you posted another video titled something like, “How to do a Keto Diet.” In that video, you say it’s best to start Keto with a high fat and low protein diet. In this video you recommend the exact opposite of that diet. Three months

  2. This video is SUPER helpful, thank you so much! I've been on keto for 9 days and everyday I feel like CRAP, no energy.
    I made the mistake of consuming a high amount of fat and staying under 20 carbs. My stomach has been having sharp pains here and there too and i'm ~TMI WARNING~

    ….having trouble using the restroom :p. I have my keto book and pen out taking notes.

    TY ♥

  3. doesn't answer emails, doesn't answer YouTube comments, BUT gladly takes the money he earns from YouTube- he's a total piece of sh*t

  4. Interesting. When I started I went straight to using high fats and it worked out just fine for me. But my body is also geared towards athleticism, so I wonder if that's why it could adjust more quickly to the change in diet.

  5. How do you go from phase zero to phase one? Especially when you have a a huge sweet tooth, a big dislike for veggies and avocado's, an addiction to (sugar-free) energydrinks and soda's and a motivation that's best described as "I should do something about this growing keg but I'm kinda looking for an excuse not to".

  6. how is so many carbs (10%) possible? im eating like 3-4% carbs a day and it's usally 15-20grams so i can't have more. I do 2000kcal a day atm.

  7. so those are def different macros tan Voleck/Phinney often talk about, theyre more like 25% Protein and 70% fat area….but more proteins more fun!

  8. Will those Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies with 2 grams of sugar kick you out of ketosis?

  9. Who has the time to put so much time into all of that?
    Just started Keto but if it ends up counting calories and macro compositions all day I‘m going to quite for sure. This seems impossible

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