How to Do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide

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This video will serve as a complete guide to those wanting to begin a keto diet, or are looking for a refresher on how to properly do a keto diet!

Everything that will be covered within this video (time stamps):

5:15 – What is a keto diet + the benefits of a keto diet
6:26 – What keto is NOT; debunking keto fallacies (ketoacidosis, paleo, all animal protein, etc.); keto & muscle sparing; keto sustainability (metabolic rate); keto & therapeutics (brain)
9:45 – What is fat adaptation (ketones vs glucose)
12:07 – How to prepare to begin a keto diet
15:03 – Caffeine on keto
16:19 – First steps
18:13 – “Keto flu” explained + electrolytes
20:27 – How to workout on keto
24:00 – Keto & cholesterol
26:07 – Net carbs & fiber (soluble vs insoluble)
27:30 – Keto coffee
29:10 – How to measure your ketone levels
30:22 – Sweeteners on keto
32:21 – Meal timing
33:19 – Best vegetables on keto
34:01 – Drinking on keto
35:19 – BCAAs & Whey on Keto
36:26 – Fruit on keto
37:43 – Best & Worst Fats
40:54 – Will too much protein kick you out of keto?
42:35 – Supplements to take & tips & tricks to enhance keto

Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!


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20 thoughts on “How to Do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide

  1. Watched this driving home from work. Wow.
    So much science behind this lifestyle. Thanks. I’ve set my daily calories to 1850, net carbs 26, fat 165 and protein at 60, keeping with a generalized 3-1 ratio of fat/protein

  2. OMG !This is a heavy information ,thank you. Just one question. How keto might help with BPH ? i really want to start doing keto if it will help me with bph. Please check if can you answer. Thank you Thomas.

  3. Can we use green tea in place of coffee and get the same benefits? I don't drink coffee much.

  4. Way too many words and not enough substance. Ie talking several minutes about what your going to talk about. Plus, it continues throughout first 15 minutes. Then I lost all interest.

  5. Hello guys, regarding the subject of the video, I already have experience with the keto diet, to find out more, contact me on the mail below:

  6. One part of the video you are saying that coffee is good to go, drink coffee it really helps with keto. Then when you are introducing fat with bullet proof coffee you recommend putting the fat into tea because that way you can avoid caffeine? Am I mis-understanding something? So, is coffee good or bad. Just one in the morning then drink tea?

  7. Finally a video that explains the keto diet realities with some common sense. Most videos just boast about all the great things, but none of the realities and issues, especially for beginners. Best comprehensive video on the keto diet out there. A most watch for beginners!

  8. I had no idea that a keto diet could help with diabetes, my dad was just diagnosed with diabetes last week. My goal is to get him on a serious keto diet routine, and hopefully he can get his blood sugar under control. If you know someone who is borderline diabetic or that is diabetic, please try to help them and tell them that a low carb keto diet can do wonders for people that have trouble with their blood sugar. Thumbs up to Thomas DeLauer for a great video, very helpful.

  9. There are dairy cows that do not produce the inflammatory proteins. It may not be the lactic acids. Granted, they're harder to find, and it's easier to just avoid the dairy, but you can actually find dairy without the A-1 inflammatory protein.

  10. Funny how I exercise better well in my fasting period, been going keto 5 days and this video has helped me understand I am doing stuff right

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