How to Lose Belly Fat in 5 Weeks (2015)

Fat Loss Body Transformation workout. My before and after results from the belly fat fitness challenge. This fitness tutorial covers the science of how to lose weight faster and burn belly fat.
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Chapter #1 Proof on Video: 0:44
Chapter #2 :What to expect and how to find out more 2:32
Chapter #3: Fat Breaking vs Fat Burning 4:42
Chapter #4: Examples of Weight Loss vs Fat Loss 5:47
Chapter #5: Ketogenic Diets and Fat Loss vs Calories 6:38
Chapter #6 Eating Before Training 7:08
Chapter #7: Taking a Broader View 7:50
Chapter #8: What is Stubborn Fat 8:15
Chapter #9: The “cold fat” Experimenter 8:49
Chapter #10: The Movement Connection (Calisthenics) 9:59
Chapter #11: Blood Oxygen and Gut Health 11:01
Chapter: #12 Radio, Toxins, Estrogen and Apoptosis 11:35
Chapter: #13 Conclusion and How to Take it Further 12:16
Chapter #14: Wrap up 14:00

In this video I’m going to share a CRAZY method for a weight loss body transformation – with a punch. I’ll include the video proof going from fat to fit. I want you to see the advanced weight loss research I used to achieve my results. The last 12 years have changed my mind about calories. They drove me towards looking at hormones and biological reactions.

It is somewhat disappointing to see that given the available research on growth hormone, insulin, lipolysis and oxidation… we are still focusing in the wrong place. Most people put all their efforts towards calories! The truth is that if we limit ourselves to calories then our results are going to be very limited as well.
Gone are the days of weight watchers or doing endless cardio, it’s time to dig deeper and find out what makes fat loss and what breaks it.

This video looks at different aspects of the science. An amazing body transformation fat to fit style! It’s also an introduction to the BellyProof resource. For those who want to do the before and after body transformation and join the success, you can!
One thing is for sure, weight loss is a much more complex process than what most of us are being led to believe. While some people choose to look at that as a negative, there are others who see opportunity to do things better.

For those who want to do the weight loss body transformation challenge, show their six pack abs and join the success, now you can!.

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20 thoughts on “How to Lose Belly Fat in 5 Weeks (2015)

  1. We're making some new and exciting videos (will be released soon!)
    If there's anything specific you want us to cover, drop it as a comment πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

  2. My grandpa is fasting for more than 72 hrs now…. But he has been very rude to me, Doesn't respond to me neither wakes up ..duhh! πŸ˜’πŸ˜”

  3. After watching video I dont understand what i have to do for my self to loose weight i understand fat breaking and fat loss πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Belly proof …I am doing a movie about body shaming by the end of this year..I need your help…I only have two months to train my self

  5. Impressive, but part of the result is down to the fact that you concentrate fat in a localised area? Drop 10lbs of fat and the abs appear like magic? Others will be carrying much more fat across there entire body but will look similar. Drop 10lbs and they look hardly any different as fat is pulled from all of their fatty zones.

  6. I wouldn't say you were that fat…or nearly chubby. Belly fat isn't a bad thing, in fact and what most people don't know; you can have a six pack and still grow a gut over it, you'll have plenty of safety, and jiggle which frankly isn't that bad or bad. When you are on that subway, unless you had subway and something noticably different occured to your stomach than what I'm seeing, than pal no one is staring at your gut. It looked fine anyway, no worry loosing something so insignificant.

  7. I am intrigued, l want to know more cause right now my belly it like that in the beginning. I am experiencing all sorts of problems.

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