How to Make Ketones without a Keto Diet

Ketones are normal compounds that show up in your body when the body’s primary fuel, glucose, is running low. Ketones come from the breakdown of fat so if they are present, fat is being burned. Following a keto diet is an effective way to coax your body to make ketones, but it is not the only way. In this video, I share actions that you can take to boost ketone production in your body, even if you are not fully keto.

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20 thoughts on “How to Make Ketones without a Keto Diet

  1. I'm a bit loss…
    Imagine I need 2.000kcal/day to mantain my weight.
    If 1.000kcal comes from carbs, 500kcal comes from fat and 500kcal comes from protein, what happens with fat?
    These 500kcal of fat won't be stored as fat because i'm manteining my weight, but after watching this video it looks like it can't be converted to ketones either, so I don't understand where this fat goes or is used for.

  2. Dr. G. This is very carefully detailed information. You are helping me fill in the gaps without confusion! Love your channel. Thank you.

  3. Does MCT oil give false ketones, meaning when after MCT is digested to ketones lessen when MCT effects wear off. Or is your body making the ketones of is it MCT

  4. If I understand this correctly if I fast for 12 hours and then exercise 1st thing in the morning before breakfast I will likely be burning ketones instead of glucose. If that is correct when do you recommend exercise happen?

  5. Rewatching this video to confirm I have the right idea when it comes to my eating plan.

    Between your free info on low carb eating, the 21-day Keto Challenge, this and other videos you have made, I am now on the right track and not as stressed out as I once was about what to eat & when.

    Unlike many people who fast intermittently, I do best when I skip dinner. Or rather, I eat a small, dinner-like meal in the afternoon and try to finish by about 4pm. In the mornings, I use MCTs in my coffee, don't eat until about 7am or later, and my first foods of the day are mainly fats with some protein, minimal if any carbs. Most of my carbs are consumed at whatever time my body decides is time for lunch.

    I like to get 14-15 hours of fasting time in each day, which actually works better for a lot of women than 16 hour fasts do. I noticed this for myself & then confirmed this in one of Dr. Fung's books. The lowest number of hours I fast is 12.

    You give so much assistance here, on your second channel, and on your website, either for free or very low cost I for one appreciate it very much. Hopefully others will take advantage of this wealth of information & use it to enhance their health. Thank you Dr. Becky!!

  6. This feels quite different than the other channels where you watch and in the end you have to pay to get the information. Subbed +1

  7. Is it healthy to switch between ketones and glucose all the time because when I eat just a bit less glucose I have elevated ketone-levels in my blood between 0.5 – 1 mmol/l.

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