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11 thoughts on “How to Use Ketogenic Diets in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Sounds like a bunch of Carb Cycling to Me, Ketogenic Diet is not a Diet, it’s a Lifestyle… Information here has been debunked, it is Safe to stay on “Nutritional Ketosis” for Life. I Encourage you to go check out Dr. Robert Cywes and Dr. Ken D. Berry to help you on your New Lifestyle Journey of Nutritional Ketosis ???????????????????? Eat Your Meat and Save Your Bacon ???? Grease

  2. In ketogenic diet, stoppage of metformin normally leads to higher fasting glucose in blood due to gluconeogenesis. How to manage that. Anybody has something to suggest?

  3. I'm a vegetarian and would like to know the diet you give your patients with Type 2 diabetes. How can I get a copy of your diet? Thanks!

  4. I found that after one year attempting to control diabetes and improve other health markers with a plant based diet it is impossible to get enough protein and keep the carbs under 20 per day and eat real unprocessed foods. I was eating according to Joel Fuhrmans protocol. Best A1C I got eating plant based was 6.3 with 2000 metformin daily (that is diabetic). Switching to under twenty carbs per day utilizing meats and no processed foods gave me 5.2-5.3 with no meds. I have actually transistioned to mostly carnivore after 2 years keto.

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