I Did Strict Keto For 7 Days

I Did Strict Keto For 7 Days

For a full week I decided to give my body a fresh start and go back to keto “basics” and the results just might surprise you.

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20 thoughts on “I Did Strict Keto For 7 Days

  1. Is there any chance that you could do a cosplay of Cher from Clueless? You literally look like Alicia Silverstone! <3

  2. Another brand of syrups for coffee you might want to consider (instead of Torani) is Monin. They have some that are sugar free but use natural, keto approved sweeteners like erythritol or stevia. I love them. It’s a French brand.

  3. Always love your videos, thanks for the inspiration. Where do you get your meal pre containers?

  4. You are so pretty and I enjoy your videos!! You have such a good calm vibe! ????????????

  5. Tip too, Keto works best with steady workout, like walking or hiking or swimming, not like HIIT or things that need hard fast energy to burn quick, so carbs usually. There's a reason runners carb up. I did very poorly on HIIT with keto, but very well with walking/elliptical steady stuff. We are all different though!!!

  6. IF works great especially OMAD ( one meal a day ) preferably midday than eat again next day around same time

  7. Watching this while wrong ice cream bars lol…I’m happy with my body and don’t need to lose weight, but I like your personality 🙂

  8. It's good that u only eat what u need. Healthiest way to fuel urself fs. If anybody gives u shit for it then they're just uneducated about all of the health n digestive benefits.

  9. I used to weigh 156 lbs years ago and slowly went down to 10 pounds and then more but I was stuck. I was not properly dieting well normally and exercising. But now I weigh around 129 lbs and im5'5 which is a 27 lb weigh loss total all bc of proper diets and fewer fruits and snacks and more sleep. i feel amazing tbh <3 i am happy that u r trying new healthy diets and enjoying ur healthy and happy life kisses from new jersey 🙂

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