I LOST 100LBS IN 4 MONTHS W/ KETO | How to Start Keto + How To Tell You’re In Ketosis | Rosa Charice

Rosa Charice

I lost 100lbs in four months on the ketogenic diet . My ultimate beginners guide on what the keto diet is and how to start the keto ! In this video I am going to be explaining what the keto diet is , how to start the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting for beginners , and how to tell when you’re in ketosis .

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My name is Rosa. I’m a 21 year old entrepreneur trying to own and run a successful business. I lost over 100 pounds and I am here telling my story . After going through a traumatic car accident which encouraged me to lose 130 lbs to help my injuries , I decided to start helping others with my experiences. I lost 100LBS on keto then transitioned to veganism , where I lost an additional 30LBS . I am passionate about health, fitness , and business. I help people try to become their best selves through unlocking the power that’s already within us . I want to help people improve their life and self care , which helps others exert their full potential. I coach , market, manage and make YouTube/ social media content as just some forms of work or me . Thank you for all the love and support . I’m just sharing my stories in order to help others. Let’s keep growing our garden , my roses.


I am not a professional nor am I a doctor. I speak from years of experience and education. I ONLY speak from my experience . I am not responsible for any misuse of information. Try at your OWN risk.

FTC DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links in which I do receive a small commission. However , the links above are products I use in my life daily and items I would personally recommend.

Any pictures or videos used that I do not own are used solely for educational purposes.

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20 thoughts on “I LOST 100LBS IN 4 MONTHS W/ KETO | How to Start Keto + How To Tell You’re In Ketosis | Rosa Charice

  1. How long does it take to get fat adapted? Or how long did I take you? Also do you have excess loose skin or what did you do to help your skin tighten?

  2. Hi Rosa did you eat keto desserts ever and or not, and if so which was your fav sweetener? Thank you

  3. I'm on day 6 of keto and I have lost 7lbs so far. I feel real fatigue and no energy I do take magnesium and salt water. But my body is not use to not have sugar and carbs Im a heavy pop drinker its been tough!???? I checked my ketones im at 1.3m almost there….

  4. Hi, I’m at little confused by what you were talking about at 9:40. So one day you would wake up at four something, exercise during that hours, then eat at twelve. But the next day you would eat at twelve again. With the next day, would you also exercise around four?

  5. I've been following this exact diet for two weeks now and lost seven pounds in the first week ????

  6. Just started my journey on my channel and it’s amazing what I’m learning about myself and my body.

  7. But…..do you have a video that shows YOUR daily meals, how often a day and amount for 30 days⁉️

  8. You don’t even look like you had a 100lbs to lose to begin with. What do you weigh now 90 lbs? Lmao????????????

  9. Hey Rosa???? i wanted to ask you something. How did you deal with cravings during Keto Omad? Because i‘m also doing Keto Omad but always get these cravings for sweets. Love your videos!

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