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19 thoughts on “Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe? | Lee Crosby, R.D.

  1. Physicians Committee? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Like big pharma won't be behind her.

  2. The key is that no one diet is a cure all for everyone. What helped me, may actually make you sick. I mean, this person may have cherry picked her data, because the "biggest loser" has never done a reunion show, nor will there ever be any such reunion show. Which means that this person is beating the same old worn out drum diet that the U.S. government has recommended, which got this country to the state that it's in. Like duh… how stupid is this person???

  3. Chips , cookies , breakfast cereal, grits, potatoes , pasta, white bread,
    Etc. toxic seed oil for frying. Drive through fast food. I’ve ditched these and replaced with healthy home cooked vegetables in olive oil or coconut oil. Butter maybe once a week. Intermittent fasting to boot. Amazing results.

  4. Yeah, round of applause for the "robot toy model"…
    Was she presenting to a bunch of Kindergarteners?
    What a pile of garbage.

  5. I showed my doctor this video. He had suggested I start doing the keto diet. He said 8 out 10 studies say keto get safe. These studies also show that keto is great for weight loss and if you do a Mediterranean keto diet it is one of the safest diets out there. He said this doctor is an keto hater and he said he looked her up and it is a major thing she does is advocate all plant diets. He also told me that she is not giving all the facts she is only giving facts that support her side. If I was you and you plan on tring the keto diet, talk to your doctor and do not listen so youtube doctors. Most people have a policy they will stand for and not be fare and show an honest fact based presentation. Not to say she is a bad doctor I don't know her so I would not say that. I am saying she is bias to her beliefs. I think I am going to listen to my doctor and start a keto diet and see what happens. Don't forget to listen to your doctor.

  6. She is too provocative on ketogonic diet with limited data. Would love to see podcast between her and dr. Berg or dr. jason Fung.

  7. I am on keto with a lot of vegetables, small amounts of fish, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, red fruits that's in season now, I always drink a lot of water, and the first time in my life, I started to loose fat on my stomach very fast. And I have been on this regime about five days. This doctor says it's a bad diet. Should I be worried? What should I do? I was vegan for five years, and I was fat. I like to experiment with my diet, I think I'll try vegan keto next.

  8. I have seen people doing keto diet for months and even more with a lot of frecuence true they get dry skin and look older dramatickly this seems to be not a promise for heath

  9. I’ve lost 35 lbs plus in 3 months on keto and feel fantastic. Don’t know who she is and don’t care.

  10. What a bunch of garbage!!! There is almost nothing "scientific or factual" about this presentation. I've been eating low carb/keto on and off for over 30 years, basically following the 80/20 rule or sometimes the 90/10 rule where I eat low carb/keto most of the time and eat what I want for holidays, birthdays, celebrations and vacations. I've kept my weight at the low end of my weight range, where I feel best. I'm also the only one of my siblings and paternal cousins who does not have heart disease. Most are type 2 diabetic as well. At age 63, my heart and body are far more healthy than most women my age. I'm both physically and metabolically fit with great muscle tone for my age. I've also had my genetics done, including a Cardio-Genomic Profile. I have significant genetic variants for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer's and stroke. What sets me apart from my siblings and cousins is my KETOGENIC DIET! Don't believe this propaganda for one second! There is an ever-growing body of scientific evidence that advocates a well-formulated ketogenic diet for metabolic impairment.

  11. The information and saturated fats and LDL cholesterol used in this presentation are more than a decade out of date. Heart disease is caused by carbohydrates and seed oils in the diet not fat or LDL cholesterol. Plant foods such as fruit and veg do not give anyone any particularly useful nutrients in fact many actually prevent absorption of nutrients. There are no studies proving a plant based diet helps with heart disease obesity or diabetes but there are many showing the exact opposite to be true. And keto is not lacking in either variety or nutrients, neither is it a ticking time bomb as far as your health is concerned. Although during the first 6 months LDL can go up it usually falls back down later on and as it is LDL not VLDL which is the one that causes artery plaque when arteries have got chronic inflammation. Both VLDL and chronic inflammation only happen in response to a high carb diet. No one eating a real keto diet is at any risk of heart disease happening and indeed will improve heart health significantly. You will live longer with high cholesterol than low as long as there is no chronic inflammation and the type is LDL not VLDL, known medical facts she chose to completely ignore as it went against her obvious plant based agenda. Se makes no mention of VLDL she just relies on the fear of LDL and medical ignorance about it to make a point that is picke dup on and agreed with by people who also have no complete ignorance about cholesterol and it's important role in the human body or what actually disrupts that role. She mentions fat causing artery plaque from eating a 50g keto diet but actually it's the carbs. Her one patient who had chest pains probably had heart disease forming for years, a few weeks on a low carb diet would not cause that to happen it takes a long time. But it would have helped clear it very quickly had they actually been eating a 20g a day or less of carbs that people actually eat on a keto diet.

    No one ever got healthy eating fruit veg and grains. We know this from ancient Egyptians who kindly mummified their remains and wrote down what they were eating in daily life. We also know humanity evolved on a diet of fatty meat with only small amounts of seasonal plant foods because stable isotope analysis has put any notions of a plant based evolution to death long ago!

    The really important thing to get from this is that no one was actually on a ketogenic diet at 50g of carbs merely a low carb diet and as 50g gives you more fruit, starchy veg and bread options absolutely no one was actually eating a diet that a person on a real keto diet would actually be on. Most side effects happen in the first few weeks so no one on the trials was on it long enough to get past these and any small amount of ketones measured would be just that a small amount. Being in ketosis is not enough to lose weight or get healthy you also have to be curbing insulin production and fasting between meals and over night for significant parts of every day to get the insulin levels lowered enough for ketosis to allow for fat burning and healing to take place.

    Sadly there are many doctors and dietitians who follow this ladies lack of adequate education and plant based agenda approach to food and are causing more harm than good as a direct result. No one gets off meds for diabetes completely on a plant based diet they do on a real ketogenic diet and as they were always Hyperinsulinaemic that directly lead to weight issues and metabolic dysfunction, such as diabetes. They were always going to be insulin resistant. This means that eating carbs again will indeed provoke insulin response and elevated blood sugars just as it did when eating carbs caused the diabetes in the first place. You can go into remission but never cure it. However, remission means you will not go blind or develop heart disease or leg ulcers that lead to amputations and your immune system will be spot on. So why would you choose to follow a plant based and therefore all carb diet and stay on meds while struggling to maintain a low fat/calorie approach that cannot be maintained long term and does not address the issue of carb addiction in any way.

    I am 4 years into keto and do not feel better just because I lost a bit of weight. I feel better because I am better, no longer in pain and struggling with ill health not merely happy because I lost a few pound. I also maintain that weight loss effortlessly while eating my fill of delicious and very variable foods without any nutritional deficiency or supplements needing to be taken.

  12. I'm on keto. I eat salmon, tuna, mackerel and no red meat and eat lots of vegetables, leafy greens, red ans yellow bell peppers. Nothing out of a packet.No red meats. Belly gone. Never felt better.

  13. What FOOD company is paying her HOW MUCH to ignore the health benefits of keto? (A SWEET deal, I'm sure) Don't be fooled. LDL does raise, but look at the Lipoprotein Electrophoresis and seek other info on partical sizes and health effects. The standard "lump all LDL into one number" is nearly useless. Lipoprotein Electrophoresis needs done to evaluate risk of CVD.

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