Kalyn’s Lake Powell Fish Marinade

Kalyn’s Lake Powell Fish Marinade
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Kalyn’s Lake Powell Fish Marinade used to be pretty famous with my Lake Powell friends, and it’s a perfect fish marinade recipe! And this is a great way to add amazing flavor to Grilled Mahi Mahi or any grilled fish!

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Kalyn's Lake Powell Fish Marinade grilled mahi mahi on plate with spicy cucumber salad

There was at time when this flavorful and versatile recipe for Kalyn’s Lake Powell Fish Marinade was probably my most famous recipe, at least the recipe was something that got requested often by clients and friends I used to cook for on houseboat trips at Utah’s beautiful Lake Powell. That was back in the days when no one had ever heard of sustainable seafood, and at the lake I’d often use the marinade on Thresher Shark. Fast forward quite a few years, and now I love this marinade on grilled Mahi Mahi, which is the fish shown in these photos.

I hope my recipe for fish marinade will be something that gets you to re-think your ideas about grilling fish if you’ve been skeptical in the past, because everyone loved this recipe all those times I used it at Lake Powell, even people who claimed they “didn’t like fish!” And if you want to re-create the dinner in these photos, I served the grilled fish with Spicy Cucumber Salad for a perfect summer meal.

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