Keto 2 month Update | weigh-in before and After

Here’s a 2 month update on keto I have cheated a few days so that’s why it is taking me a little bit longer but I just wanted to get an update video up with some before and after! I hope you enjoyed the video please please give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy and please subscribe if you haven’t already thank you.! ????????. made with #VideoShow-
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15 thoughts on “Keto 2 month Update | weigh-in before and After

  1. The moment you said you have little boy,i smile,really big smile,you are so cute and soft spoken..

  2. I am new to keto. I first was looking for diets that was diabetic friendly. When I first found out I was a diabetic my blood sugar was over six hundred. I had lost over thirty pounds in about three weeks because I later found out when you blood sugar gets too high or too low your liver creates Ketones which burns fat for energy. I pretty much keep my sugar under control by eating a low carb low sugar diet. It pretty much stays in the low hundreds and about 80-90 most of the time now. Glad to see you are staying with the diet. I have to stay with it if I want to keep my sugar at bay, so I don't have to keep taking meds or insulin shots. Thanks for sharing. I am pretty sure you are helping people get inspiration from your success.

  3. Good afternoon Christina,

    Nice video. I've been on the Keto WOE for 2 1/2 months now.

    I subscribed. Hope you can subscribe back.

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