Keto and Fasting Combined | Rapid Weight Loss | Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

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Keto and Fasting Combined | Rapid Weight Loss | Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer… In this video, Diet/Nutrition/fitness/health Expert, Thomas DeLauer answers a handful of questions from his viewers surrounding keto dieting, fasting, combining keto and fasting and what happens metabolically when you lose weight too fast and how you can try to keep it off.

Answering Questions from Last Week’s videos, but also just hopping on to say hello for a bit!
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19 thoughts on “Keto and Fasting Combined | Rapid Weight Loss | Weekly Q&A- Thomas DeLauer

  1. 30 lbs weight loss in 2.5 months no more sugar drops from hypoglycemia feeling amazing! Nothing else had worked for me and I couldn’t stick with anything for more then a week I was starving! I have no gallbladder and have no issues thx for all you do!!!!

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  12. Been on Keto for 8 months and lost 100 lbs (430lbs) added IF about a month ago (20/4hr window). I keep fluctuating 10lbs, but can't seem to break past 320lbs. I am eating around 1500-1800 CALs at my one meal. Watched your video on adding protein if over 50 and I am supplementing with Keto protein shakes before my meal within that 4 hour window. I've added many of the supplements you discuss in your "How to Burn Fat over Age 50" video and "3 Minerals that People over 50 Need to Supplement With". I needed to move my Resveratrol to when I eat because I was taking it in the middle of my IF and you recommended not to take during your fasting time. Have I stalled while my body catches up to its new RMR and if so how long does this typically take?

  13. Thank you KetoFast, ketosis and being fat-adapted. You changed my life. I’m a marathoner and eat OMAD after running and weight training. I was on KetoFast for about 2 months and my energy is up through the roof. I can run half marathon or longer during my fast happily. Right now I have to cycling the carb back by CBL. It gave me a phenomenal result only a half month.

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