Keto Diet Results – My Update 1 Month In – How Much Did I Lose?!?

It’s time for my month 1 keto diet results! I can’t wait to share the progress that I have made with you over the past month in this keto diet update! Be sure to thumbs up and subscribe for more beginner keto

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20 thoughts on “Keto Diet Results – My Update 1 Month In – How Much Did I Lose?!?

  1. This video has great advice, but I'm confused about the best diet plan that I need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anybody tried the Okibetonic Secrets? I've heard several people talk about great things about Okibetonic Secrets.

  2. Please help! I am at a second shot at Keto! I just can't stomach so much meat! And fish is expensive. Help!

  3. Down 14 lbs in 5 weeks strict keto. Trying to be as clean as possible, still have a hard time with night eating, but I went from binging every night to keto snacking 2-3 nights a week so to me that's progress!! Still working on the moderate protein part. I eat too much protein
    You look amazing though 🙂 thanks for the video, keeps me going.

  4. Intermittent Fasting + Keto you would have easily, EASILY dropped 25lbs the first month. Try the 16:8 or 20:4 intermittent fasting. (16 hours fasting, 8 hour window to eat/ 20 hours fasting, 4 hour window to eat) Ive been doing IF + Keto for 2 weeks and I'm already down 14lbs. A buddy of mine who introduced me to this has lost 45lbs in 2 months. The fasting is the most important aspect of this. Check out Dr. Berg if you haven't already. He's full of information and is addicting to watch. He explains everything in such an easy way.

    It takes about 6-7 days to get over the painful hunger but after that, you're barely hungry. You almost forget to eat. That's where I am now and I feel absolutely amazing. I urge anyone who plans to do keto to incorporate intermittent fasting. I wouldn't say it's pointless to do keto if you aren't going to do it, but you're missing out on incredible weight loss at a fast rate without doing intermittent fasting.

  5. It's so annoying how people don't reply when people ask "How did you lose it? What did you eat? And How long did it take you to lose weight?"

  6. This is my first day in keto . I want to lose 20 pounds to get to my lowest weight 140 pounds before 5 years i turned to my highest weight 270 pounds but never tried keto so hope me the best ❤

  7. I lost 4 pounds in 4 days. I know that's all water – but I didn't even get on the scale until I tried on these pants that didn't fit me last week and I was actually able to put it on (still a little tight). I was 138, I am now 134 and counting down. Also I feel INCREDIBLE. I read about keto flu and took all the recommended measures to prevent it:
    1) Drink plenty of liquids – I do mostly water with cucumber/lime, tea, plain water.
    2) Supplements – I'm taking raw organic prenatals (make sure to check label on these too as there are minimal carbs in some)
    3) Fatty fat fat fat – As soon as I feel a hint of brain fog coming in, I eat something fatty like avacado, chew on some meat fat, or coconut oil and it goes away.
    4) I make it fun with variety in my meal plans so I'm not distracted by cravings. Yes the meals can be super YUM. My sister is a great cook and has been helping me, but I also got an easy keto cookbook for shopping lists and recipes.

    The keto pee sticks are pretty fun – I was in HIGH ketosis by day 2! I am not a fan of dieting and hate restricting myself, but I feel SO good on this diet I definitely think I would do it permanently. Although…I need to get off of it when my husband gets back from deployment; apparently, Keto is not good for pregnant women and we are trying to conceive. In any case, I'm so excited to have found this diet and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in a new healthy way of losing weight. Good luck to everyone out there 🙂 <3

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