Keto Meal Prep Delivery Review (Nourish’d)

Keto Meal Prep Delivery Review (Nourish’d)
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Making the switch to keto? Finding meal prep a little difficult or just can’t think of what to eat for dinner this week? I review a new keto meal prep delivery service Nourish’d and tell you what I think!

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I’ve been finding it hard recently to ensure every meal is “on track” with the introduction of my baby daughter eating solids. It’s hard enough to think of what nutritious foods to feed her, let alone what to eat myself.

I’m usually the king of meal prep, but my own weekly cooking time has decreased from 8 hours down to 2. And sometimes this just doesn’t always happen. 

Meal delivery services are a great option to fill in the gaps, but in my opinion, are not a complete solution. You still need to learn how to cook, and to combine flavours, but sometimes it’s handy to have the odd pre-prepared meal to tie you over until the next meal if you’re in a rush.

What is Nourish’d?

Nourish’d is a meal delivery service that delivers fresh meals without preservatives, also with gluten-free, dairy-free, no added sugar and low carb options. 

They opt for good quality ingredients where possible, for example, ingredients like free ranged chicken and nitrate-free bacon just to name a few.

There are lots of other meal prep companies out there that use a lot of preservatives, artificial colours and flavour enhancers that don’t do your health any good. That’s why I love Nourish’d. It’s simple, delicious food.

How Nourish’d Works

The Nourish’d service works by selecting a pack, which breaks down into a few different options:

  1. A Slice Of Convenience (5 meals)
  2. The 9 to 5 Er (10 meals)
  3. The Daily Dose (15 meals)
  4. The Ultimate (21 meals)
  5. Hungry Hungry Hippo (28 meals)
  6. Build Your Own (minimum 5 meals)

Once you select your pack, you get to choose which meals sound delicious to you, and you can also select the size. They come in standard, large and athlete sizes.

They have a rotating menu of 20 meals each week, and you don’t have to lock into a subscription. You simply purchase enough for the week ahead, and you can purchase more whenever you need it.

You can also opt for a recurring weekly service which makes it slightly cheaper as well.

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The pricing per meal works out to be around $ 12.35 per meal for the large sizes, but depending on what pack you get, this can change:

  1. A Slice Of Convenience ($ 13.87 per meal)
  2. The 9 to 5 Er ($ 12.87 per meal)
  3. The Daily Dose ($ 11.93 per meal)
  4. The Ultimate ($ 11.38 per meal)
  5. Hungry Hungry Hippo ($ 11.03 per meal)
  6. Build Your Own ($ 12.75 per meal)

*keep in mind these prices are for the weekly subscription. The once-off meals are about 15% more expensive*

What I chose and how it went

I heated 3 meals from their menu and loved every one of them. The flavour combinations were robust and well thought through, and even the ingredients used to substitute things like potato (i.e cauliflower) were done in really delicious ways.

For instance, the Portuguese chicken comes with Cauliflower mash, but that mash is elevated by bacon. Everything’s better with bacon right?

chicken keto meal prep delivery

The Nourish’d keto meal prep delivery meals were sent fresh, which I love. Not having to freeze meals or reheat from frozen is a nice touch since a lot of other meal prep companies don’t give you a choice. 

I did freeze mine as there was a little bit of time between receiving the meals and creating this post. They reheated in the microwave just as well as they taste fresh, which is a huge bonus in my opinion as well.

beef keto meal prep

The beef ragu can only be explained using one word… delicious! Honestly, I had to stop myself from consuming the entire meal during the tasting in the video below. If they have this on the menu when you next order, I would highly recommend it!

Where do I think keto meal prep delivery fits into nutrition?

Over the past few years, I have worked with hundreds of clients who have a goal of weight loss. The ketogenic diet often gets automatically linked with weight loss, but not everyone is successful in achieving this outcome.

I find that the clients who are most successful tend to rise to whatever challenge life throws at them. They continue doing the things that are important for their health, regardless of the situation.

I’ve also had some clients who just don’t have the time to cook, and often get pulled into eating the “same way they used to” which often results in weight gain, then disappointment, and inevitably results in a less than ideal weight loss journey.

Having someone else do part of the keto meal prep for you for the workweek is a huge step forward in the right direction, however, it can also breed a diet mentality.

Learning how to cook and knowing what to cook when you don’t always have time is a skill that needs work during a weight loss phase. Having all your meals prepped can put you in the all or nothing mentality. You’re either on a diet, or you’re off a diet.

chicken low carb keto

So, If this is something that can make your week easier, then by all means order SOME of your meals pre-prepared. I’d recommend ordering the “slice of convenience” option because this gives you five meals for the week which could be a dinner for you, or whoever else is in your household that can be made quickly and easily.

Instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole so to speak, you need to do what is sustainable for you. I always ask this same question – “can you do this for the next 6 months?” If the answer is maybe, then it’s best to reduce what is required every day in order to see results, and steadily make 10% improvements each week.

Nourish’d is a company that makes pre-prepared meals using good ingredients without preservatives, so if you are in the market for keto meals delivered to your door, I would highly recommend them.

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