Keto on a Budget Meal Prep Video | $5 a Day Meal Prep for 5 Days | Simple Keto Meal Plan

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**Printable shopping list AND meal plan are located at the bottom of the Keto on a Day blog post**

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Keto on a Budget Meal Prep Video | a Day Meal Prep for 5 Days | Simple Keto Meal Plan

A lot of people have been asking us to put together a meal plan for starting keto…so here it is! This video is all about eating keto on a budget. We are limiting ourselves to a day for food! A big part of eating on a budget is planning and prepping. This video shows a good example of keto on a budget meal prep. We found it to be surprisingly easy with the help of some deals at the local super market and a little bit of planning. Keto shopping on a budget is totally doable and actually restricts you to only shopping for essentials, which can be good for those people just getting started on a ketogenic diet, even if budget isn’t a concern. We will be releasing subsequent videos in this series. We have 1 video that shows our cheap keto grocery haul where we got all the ingredients used in this meal prep, and another one that shows an example day of eating. Be sure to check those out and also check the blog post relating to this series for a printable meal plan and shopping list.

Check us out on social media, we are putting out all kinds of high quality high fat content! Comment below and let us know what you think. We will be posting new videos twice a week and 3 recipes/blog posts a week. We are working hard to provide you with the tools to enjoy and succeed on your Keto journey. Feedback, suggestions, and interaction of any kind is always welcome. You can even request recipes and we’ll see what we can come up with. Thanks for watching!

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