I share my weight loss journey losing 20 kgs / 44 lbs while following a high fat low carb keto diet. I didn’t weigh myself at my heaviest weight because I felt too overwhelmed to step on the scales, but when I filmed the “before” videos I weighed myself and was 87 kgs / 191.8 lbs.

Over approximately 18 months I lost 20 kgs in total, and reached my lowest weight (before my wedding) of 67kgs / 147lbs. Since my wedding in December 2019 I have gained approximately 2 kgs / 4.4lbs (I have also had a breast augmentation/boob job). My weight since my wedding has naturally fluctuated anywhere between 69 kgs (152lbs) – 71 kgs (156lbs) (normally my weight increases around my period), and I’ve found this weight really easy to maintain over the past year.

I wanted to share my journey because I know how overwhelming and impossible it can seem, especially at the start, but it is possible to get healthier and to change your lifestyle for the better!

I share more about my active keto lifestyle on my Instagram page, and I also have an online platform called Welle Club which gives you the tools you need to succeed in your own keto or low carb journey! For so long I struggled to get healthier and to feel better, but change CAN and DOES happen! Just don’t give up!

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  1. I thought the same thing. I actually enjoy the foods I eat on keto. I feel good. It's even a little fun for me. I've eaten sugar every day for 50 years, and I'm shocked that I've now, after just a few months, I no longer miss it (and I so love my fancy cheeses instead). So great that you turned a health corner when you're still young. Well done. Thanks for sharing your story. I love NZ. My husband and I honeymooned there. Beautiful place, beautiful people.

  2. Hi Elle, this is amazing. I lost 37lbs on keto and gained 6 back because I keep thinking I should try to incorporate carbs into my diet and just eat healthy overall, but then I find myself carb binging and feeling horrible. One of the reasons I went back to carbs was because I was told when pregnant, its not advisable to do keto, so that scared me. I was trying to get into a routine of eating healthy so when the time comes, I would have it down pack. I love keto, I love how I feel during keto. After watching this I realized, I have to keep doing what I was doing to lose, in order to maintain. Would you do keto while pregnant? I am not pregnant now, but I don't want to blow up while pregnant because of the carbs. I want to be able to maintain a healthy weight vs gaining too much. Thank you girl! I appreciate you so much<3

  3. something you said in this video really hit home for me. Not only about living my life but about being a recluse and when you start losing weight you will want to go out. This is me, i am big, and hardly go out because i dont want to be in photos or have people see what i look like. I have been doing low carb for a month now and have lost weight and im starting to feel better. this is what i needed to hear to keep me going! Thank you Elle

  4. We're SO A alike it's scary. I also binge eat alone, turn to food when stressed or bored, and have also been aware of my weight for the past decade. Turning 30 this year and am tired of feeling negative about my body.

  5. very inspired thank you!! I'm at the start and i'm loving it so far, i need to make time to food prep a little better instead of waiting to eat.

  6. before i watched this video i said to myself that i'd LOVE to be your "before" photo 🙂 well i've lost 45+kgs in around 20 months doing lazy keto and i am currently 84kgs soooo.. i guess i AM your before photo in approx weight terms – being a lot older i am definitely not as "tight".. but you've given me inspiration to get down at least another 8kgs and i'll be a comfortable size 12 🙂 love your videos and you definitely inspire me in a lot of different ways 🙂

  7. quick question. how much weight to you appox have to lose to drop a dress size? great video.

  8. I’ve lost 21kg on keto in about a year ! I was huge, it was and has been a roller coaster ride. Since lockdown I’ve put a few kgs back on but I’m 40 a mother of 3 teenage girls so I’m just relaxing now! I still want to look good and be healthy but keto takes work it’s not easy! X

  9. What you say makes so much sense. I love the Keto lifestyle and your recipes help me so much. I appreciate you Elle!

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