Ketogains Workout Plan: The Optimal Guide to Peak Performance

Ketogains Workout Plan: The Optimal Guide to Peak Performance
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by Ketogains.

Looking for an exercise plan to help you achieve your strength and weight loss goals?
Gaining muscle may seem daunting when you don’t have a plan. We’ve got that part covered for you, with a straightforward Keto workout plan to get you on track to a healthy lifestyle and a strong body.

The Ketogains 5×5 Program is the place to start. This program is suited for nearly everyone, you don’t have to be an expert to jump into strength building. So, whether you’re a beginner, or you just need to get back in the routine, this is the plan for you. Even if you have limited equipment access or no gym membership, we have you covered here!

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Diet and exercise work best when done in concert with each other. We recommend pairing this workout routine with a Ketogenic diet to see your best results.

The Ketogenic diet utilizes a low-carb intake that can help with weight loss. It’s important to note that this does not mean that your weight training or the building of muscle needs to suffer.

By minimizing carbs, your body is forced to burn proportionately more fat. When fat is kept to moderate levels, one of the results is that insulin is kept closer to baseline all the time, and it can also help to regulate blood glucose in people who have issues with glucose management.

Without a high carb intake, your body produces ketones that help fuel you for the day and energize your workouts.

Research gathered by Harvard University suggests that the ketogenic diet produces results quickly for weight loss, blood pressure, and more.

With sound research to back up a healthy and effective diet, Ketogains offers a workout plan designed to accompany a Keto diet and build a strong and healthy body.

The Keto Workout Plan

This is, in our opinion, a great workout plan for bodybuilding and weight loss and is suited to both men and women of any age. You can try this routine at home or at the gym.

The Ketogains 5×5 Program consists of 3 days per week of strength training, alternating between Workout A and Workout B. Strength training exercises can be done with a barbell, or you can opt for the at-home version.

The two additional days are optional for a HIIT workout or some form of active rest.

Things to Keep in Mind

We don’t recommend adding or dropping exercises. This routine is designed to be a full-body workout. So, stick to the breakdown below and you’ll see the best results.

Don’t switch things up because they’re challenging. If you’re feeling sore, chances are that’s just part of the process! (If, however, the soreness transitions to true pain, then by all means stop and see a doc.). As you progress in training your muscles, the recovery time you require will decrease drastically.

Remember, it’s better to start with a weight you are comfortable using, and work up to more, rather than to risk injuring yourself by trying to do too much. You want to be able to track your progress, rather than feel defeated from the start.

Keep in mind that sustainable results take time. Don’t give up if you don’t see results immediately. Stick with the program for at least two months and evaluate how far you’ve come.

Breakdown: Week One

  • Day One: Strength training Workout A
  • Day Two: HIIT workout or cardio
  • Day Three: Strength training Workout B
  • Day Four: HIIT workout or cardio
  • Day Five: Strength training Workout A
  • Day Six & Seven: Rest

Breakdown: Week Two

  • Day One: Strength training Workout B
  • Day Two: HIIT workout or cardio
  • Day Three: Strength training Workout A
  • Day Four: HIIT workout or cardio
  • Day Five: Strength training Workout B
  • Day Six & Seven: Rest

Refer back to this breakdown each day before you begin your workout. Remember to switch the order of your strength training workouts each week. So, on week two, start with workout B.

Strength Training: Workout A

Barbell Squats are a full body workout and one of the key exercises of bodybuilding. Every muscle of the posterior chain should be activated when using correct form. While it targets the legs, it can also improve core strength and stability as well as improving mobility in other parts of the body.

The Barbell Bench Press targets the chest, primarily. Focus on finding the weight you can handle and developing proper technique, and work to add small increases in weight each time you do the exercise. Find your grip and keep your position throughout this exercise.

The Bent Over Row focuses on the back. This is an important exercise to include, as strengthening the back can help to avoid injury. The key to protecting your back during this exercise is controlled movement with correct form.
Barbell Shrugs target the traps with small movements that, when done correctly, have a huge impact on muscle growth

The Standing Overhead Triceps Extension hones in on the triceps muscles as a key part of building strong and proportioned arms. The triceps represent about ¾ of the muscle mass of the upper arm and are crucial to work in the process of building stronger arms.

The Standing Barbell Bicep Curl targets the biceps muscles and is the reciprocal lift to the Triceps extension.

Strength Training: Workout B

Start with Barbell Squats again.

The Barbell Deadlift targets the posterior chain. Start with a weight you can handle and focus on stability. This exercise will activate lots of muscles and is a great lift to improve overall strength.

The Standing Overhead Shoulder Press is a tough lift to master but is quite effective. Be sure you don’t start too heavy and use dumbbells at first if you need to.

Next is the Bent Over Row – there’s not a huge amount to add here. It focuses on back strength; you are rowing a weight while bent over. (Insert sarcastic smile here! ☺ )

The Close Grip Bench Press uses a narrow grip to target the triceps.
Complete Workout B with the Standing Barbell Bicep Curls.


  • Check out our bodyweight routine for exercises and tips.
  • Use weight to increase the challenge with Kettlebell Swings at 5 sets of 20 reps.
  • Cardio can be anything of your choice that gets your heart rate up and should be done for 20 minutes.

Click here for a quick summary of our Keto 5×5 Program to guide your workouts.

Helpful Tips

  1. Add weight each day to increase strength gains – Your muscles will adapt and, in order to make progress, you need to challenge yourself. This concept is called “progressive overload.”
  2. Master the form before you add more weight. There’s no point in increasing the weight if you are lifting incorrectly, and improper form can lead to injury.
  3. Don’t start your workout on an empty stomach. Skip the carbs before your workout and opt for the right kind of fuel to give you the energy you need. For a Ketogenic diet, check out our run down of pre-workout supplements and recipes.
  4. We are asked often about rest intervals. The answer is kind of frustrating. In a nutshell, the answer is, “Rest as long as you need to recover but not so long as to be fresh.” For many people, that rest will be 60-90 seconds early on, but my graduate up to 2-5 minutes depending on the intensity and load.

Fast Track to the Keto Lifestyle

The Ketogains Fasttrakk Program connects you with the Ketogains coaches to walk you through every step of the process. You’ll learn things like:

  • Gaining the motivation to change your diet and exercise habits;
  • How to manage cravings;
  • How to lose fat with a Keto diet;
  • What foods to eat;
  • What to order when you’re eating out.

Along with all this, you’ll get a community that’s living the Keto lifestyle with you. This means real time support at every step.

This program works. Check out the testimonials to see for yourself!

Remember, this program, along with everything else offered, is for any stage of your diet and fitness journey. We’ll meet you where you are and give you the tools to succeed.

Get Started Today

We know this Ketogains Workout Plan will be your ultimate tool for success. It’s comprehensive and simple to follow, so there’s no excuse not to try it today!

This guide is for everyone, at every level of their fitness journey. Done correctly and consistently, this plan will have you feeling and looking your best.

The Ketogains Fasttrakk Program has all the information you need to start the Ketogenic Diet correctly from day one. Enroll today and visit our website to learn more about Keto diet and exercise.

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