Ketogenic Diet: Top 3 Ketosis Tips for Results: Thomas DeLauer

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Ketogenic Diet: Top 3 Ketosis Tips Everyone Should Know: Thomas DeLauer

Consume Enough Salt

On a glucose-based diet, glycogen is produced in the liver, which is water-soluble and transported around the body in your blood.

The blood stream distributes energy to all the cells and muscles that need it.

Glycogen is also stored in the muscles, so the blood-motorway tops-up these stores when required.

Glycogen is transported in liquid and is water-soluble – glycogen itself contains a lot of water. It’s stored in liquid form – three to four parts water to one part glycogen

When you restrict carbohydrate, you stop consuming glucose, which is from what glycogen is made

Your stores of glycogen therefore deplete as your body burns energy, and because glycogen carries 3-4 parts water; your body loses a heck of a lot of liquid as well

So in entering a state of ketosis, your body is excreting water and salt through the depletion of glycogen.

High salt-levels trigger the thirst mechanism, but if salt-levels are going down (as is water), it naturally follows that the thirst-mechanism is not sufficiently triggered to cover this water-loss.

Conversely, when you cut carbs your insulin-levels decrease, which then tells your kidneys to release salt. (1,2)

Utilize MCT Oil

Using MCT oil is perhaps the most important thing one can do to get into ketosis and maintain it.

A diet that consists of long chain fatty acids depends upon 80-90% of calories coming from fat. Adding in lots of MCT oil brings this down to 60-70% fats

This is because MCTs are immediately metabolized into ketone bodies and used for energy quickly in the body

Many people believe that coconut oil is the same as MCT oil; however, MCT oil is made from coconut oil, it contains 100% pure medium chain triglycerides (capric and caprylic acids)

Coconut oil contains about 35% long chain trigylceride (LCT) and 50% lauric acid, which means that coconut oil is only 15% MCT and only 1/6th as ketogenic as pure MCT oil.

More simply, MCT’s can be metabolized quickly into ketone bodies, which means that the body metabolizes the MCTS’s quickly because it recognizes them as more of a carb than a fat.

MCT’s have also shown to enhance thermogenesis in the body, thereby promoting fat burning.

MCT’s also have fewer calories, which will essentially allow you consume more proteins and carbs, making ketosis easier to maintain. (3,4)

Watch Protein Consumption

Too much protein is bad for ketosis because our bodies have an energy process called gluconeogenesis

The body’s preferred source of fuel is glucose, which it gets first from carbohydrates on a standard diet.

However, if enough carbs aren’t present, which is the case when you’re eating low-carb or ketogenic, the body will have to turn to other sources for energy.

The purpose of the keto diet is to have the body break down fatty acids, which then produces ketones for energy – the process known as ketosis.

However, there’s another way the body can create carbohydrate-style energy in the body – by breaking down amino acids from the protein in your muscles.

Gluconeogenesis is how your body turns protein into glycogen that can be used as glucose to burn for fuel.

Even if you’re eating plenty of fat, if you also eat too much protein, your body can facilitate GNG instead of burning fat for energy.

This means that you could spend your whole time thinking you’re eating keto while not actually being in ketosis. (5)


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20 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet: Top 3 Ketosis Tips for Results: Thomas DeLauer

  1. I love keto as it's a proper diet that has science behind it. It's like looking at a manual of your car and working out how to fix it

    I'm 3.5stone down from Keto and have another 2.5stone to go before my goal weight. Then I will be trying to build muscle

  2. Dr. Bikman goes into why protein intake isn't bad. I forget which vid exactly but there is a hormone released when eating protein that sort of works against the insulin response. I will try to find it

  3. Not losing any more one month on keto, lost 6kg in total need to lose 10 more….. I keep my protein down, no cheat days, don’t know what more to do

  4. Half gram/body weight.. mean if a person has weight of 200 ponds.. he should be taking 100 grams of protein?

  5. Ok, so if I weigh 170 pounds, is ok if I eat around 80 t0 85 grams of protein daily, right?.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I got on this site because I was trying to figure out whether to buy C8 as caprylic acid pills or this C8 oil or 100% C8 oil powder which removes the wrong fatty acids ….. WOW, this is so hard….I was doing as good as popeye on 30 ounces of fresh organic spinach juice a day and could forget about all this but….that got expensive and the rich people I was working for were degrading the hell out of me telling me I was spending my money the wrong way and should eat Costco cheap turkey……and beef with them….It doesn't work for me…..

    Anyway, what's the difference between C8 as caprylic acid pills or C8 oil or C8 oil powder? Is one as good as the other? C8 is C8?

  7. I love your channel and really respect and appreciate you and your hard work in getting the right info out here. You are my go to person in all things keto.
    I am in my 2nd month on keto. I'm testing blood, taking mag, pink salt, and so on. But I feel so out of it! I've racked my brain in what I'm missing and after watching this vid want to ask you for your opinion on this possibility I just realized…
    I have a double edged sword here…I had gastric bypass 3 years ago and 2 years ago had to have a really inflamed gb removed. Now, I take ox bile to help my body break down meals but I think bc the LCTs have such a hard time breaking down as it is on top of no gb in energy conversion (which is why I am doing keto in the first place), my body is barely showing ketosis. Your input on MCTs helping ketones and not needing all the help with utilizing in the body makes me think that's the missing component. I believe MCTs are needed by all but esp by ppl like me, to not feel so sluggish. I'd love to see a vid on ppl with physiology of difficulty breaking down fat and possible solutions (and if I'm on the right track here – that MCTs are necessary to boost energy in those who cant utilize fats as well). Thank you for all you do!! Holli

  8. I'm glad that protein doesn't need to be that high, even on a regular diet I would really struggle to get 120 grams of protein in a day! Like how much chicken can one person eat ????

  9. I'm really hungry in the afternoon and evening at only 40-50g of Protein, I weigh 68kg, want to be at 63-65kg.

  10. The 3rd tip is clearly outdated – gluconeogenesis isn’t going to kick you out of ketosis. Even the link in the summary takes you to the article clearly stating that. Needs to be updated as it's only damaging for folks not double checking the info here.

  11. +Thomas DeLauer my carb manager has me set to 100g of fat and 80g of protein with a maximum of 16 carbs. Is this too much protein? I adjusted carb manager for my weight, height, exercise level, and set it to keto@70:25:5. It also has me set to a max of 1275 calories(which I usually never go over 1K). Does this sound right to you or should I adjust my macros? I have been doing this keto diet for a month and I honestly don't think I'm reaching ketosis. I did get the tired, weak, fatigued feeling in the beginning but never got the other "signs" of ketosis, such as the bad breath, smelly urine, etc. I'm concered that i'm not doing this right and all this fat I'm taking in is hurting me rather than helping me. I have lost 30lbs since I started but that could just be because of the calorie deficit I put myself on with carb manager and the exercise I'm getting.

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