Living low carb with Jill Rieder: finding her way to health

Two years ago, Jill found herself in really poor health with an overweight of 100 lbs (45 kg). She felt that her health had gotten out of control and was on a constant sugar way to make it through her days. Her body was full of inflammation and she was exhausted.
Luckily, she found the keto diet and gave it a shot. She saw results fast and that gave her the motivation to commit even more which lead to further improvements in her health.

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20 thoughts on “Living low carb with Jill Rieder: finding her way to health

  1. Wow Jill….you’re amazing! Well done !!! You look so lovely. What a moving story. ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????

  2. This is me – exactly me- right now. 100 lbs overweight , unable to engage live as I should and with severe planter fasciitis and I’m bloated/ inflamed everywhere on my body.. I’ve gained due to stress and laziness-Im ready to change my life as well. Thank You Jill for sharing your story. This is my confirmation that i need to start this now. ????

  3. What a testimony!!! Wow!!! I cried along!!! My daughter and I are doing our best. It's not easy to find the best meat or vegetables where we live (Amazon, Brazil), but still…we have done for 6 weeks and we have each lost 7kg, and we feel so much better!!! Thank you for this video!! It made me realize we are on the right path!!!!

  4. It's a simple fact that we still have the same metabolic system as our hunter gatherer ancestors. We just did not evolve to make bread our daily bread. Sugar and carbs are fun, but not essential, and in excess, can be really harmful.

  5. Fantastic! I'm 77 lbs down on low carb. No going back to the old carb way of eating. I'm all in.

  6. like very much —–the changing scenes —-vs ——- just the head shot interview !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Diet Doctor, thank you for your informative video! It helps a lot!

    Unfortunately, you have a spelling error. It should be "led", not "lead".

    The present tense verb is "lead" and rhymes with feed.
    The past tense verb is "led" and rhymes with fed.

    The "lead", that rhymes with fed, is a noun and a metal.

  8. Jill, how when your hubby wasn’t on board did you empty the cupboards. I am at that step 3rd time around yes i keep falling off even 6 months after. I can’t throw his cereal, oatmeal… etc.

  9. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your new lifestyle. I just started keto 5 days ago. Your story is inspiring and heartfelt. Press on!

  10. You are so inspirational! Thank you Jill for sharing your story! I’m just at the start of my journey but I want to beat my diabetes come off medication and enjoy my life with my family ! Xxx ❤️

  11. I really enjoyed watching this. Great inspiration! I am wondering what the name of the song is that is playing at the end…

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