Lose 30 lbs in just 12 weeks on keto?

Can you lose 30 pounds in just 12 weeks on a keto diet? A new study says, absolutely you can! Read the article: https://www.dietdoctor.com/new-study-lower-calorie-keto-diet-works-for-overweight-women

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20 thoughts on “Lose 30 lbs in just 12 weeks on keto?

  1. I would guess that it may have been a struggle to get up to 1800 calories a day if that was a requirement. You just don't feel hungry on Keto. Why eat if you're not hungry?

  2. Thanks for all your content, you are amazing and have actually inspired me to start my own vlog documenting my keto weight loss journey….. Lost 20lbs in this first week of Keto and exercise, I wouldn't of started if it was wasn't for your videos…. Keep up the good work.

  3. I’m a long time diabetic of 22+ years. I’ve lost 38 lbs in 18 weeks and I’m off of the 170 units of insulin I took the last 4 years.

  4. Wish it had worked like that for me,! Diet was beneficial in many ways but it took months before I lost weight and even longer before I lost inches. My. Glucose levels dropped. I quickly was able to get off 79 units of insulin. Got off one BP med. great improvement in the fibromyalgia, less pain from arthritis, and the macular degeneration and diabetes damaged improved dramatically! A1c dropped too. I am finally losing some weight and inches. Do not give up just because you are not loosing weight!

  5. I dont know what's wrong with me. Been doing lazy keto, meat heavy lazy keto actually, for a year now. Only lost 20 lbs. 2 inches off waist. I eat NO bread, potatoes, rice or pasta. Eggs and bacon for breakfast at 12 noon after 16 hour fast. Then dinner around 5:00. Which is steak and a salad or veg like sauteed Zucchini in coconut oil. Always a meat and veggie. Maybe a little diet Pepsi and 12 macadamia nuts for snack around 7:00pm. I don't eat after 8:00 pm. I have 50 more lbs to lose. I'm Type 2 diabetic. I lowered my A1C from 7.5 to 5.9 in 6 months. Will be going for my 3 month lab work in about a week and hoping for even lower lab work a1c number. So that's good at least!

  6. I could always do what passed for rapid weight loss on all kinds of diets but I could never make it stick. Once I figured out that week 13 needs to look an awful lot like week 12 I was able to continue in the right direction.

  7. One important tidbit was that the keto diet they used was not conventional with respect to the amounts of types of fat eaten, with some of the positive outcomes being directly associated with this difference:

    "As compared with the CG, the LCKD is associated with a greater improvement in some risk factors for coronary heart disease, such as serum HDL-C and TG concentrations [56]. Our subjects consumed high amounts of MUFA and omega-3 (EPA and DHA), but smaller amounts of SFA than in a typical ketogenic diet [3]. Probably, these were the two components which directly influenced the favourable changes [57]."

  8. The real answer is- you MUST get that insulin down! 64yo fem, BMI was 28, is lower now. I've been going keto 3 weeks now with intermittent fasting- ie fast 7pm-12noon next day, except morning coffee with 2T lactose free milk. The keto killed my hunger, my carb cravings, and now my fasting glucose first thing in the morning is below 90, whereas before it was ALWAYS >100, sometimes up to 124!. I feel great, never hungry. Get a finger stick glucose meter- it's motivating! Give it a try ladies. Insulin is a booger.

  9. I’m increasingly of the mind that calories don’t matter nearly as much as what you eat. It appears that your body will effectively dispose of calories in an efficient way if you’re eating the right foods and you’re generally metabolically healthy. The problem with those of us who struggle with weight is that our bodies don’t efficiently dispose of calories eating processed foods and eating what now makes up the standard American diet. The key for me is what I eat and the frequency with which I eat, but what I eat directly impacts the frequency with which I eat due to the impact of blood sugar and hormones. If I’m eating meat and low carb fibrous vegetables, I will improve my body composition. I don’t have to think about calories at all. The only time that I think about calories is when I’m eating treats or processed keto friendly foods because that’s the only time that it’s relevant for me. It’s only relevant when I deviate from natural meat and low glycemic vegetables, which I will continue to do. It’s just a way to control it when I eat those foods.

  10. It’s incredible that these women started out so metabolically unhealthy yet were able to improve their health markers so dramatically in such a short amount of time.

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