LOSE LOVE HANDLES and BELLY FAT in 14 Days | Home Workout

LOSE LOVE HANDLES and BELLY FAT in 14 Days | Home Workout

Lose love handles and belly fat in 14 days at home with this fat loss home workout program. These are some of the best exercises to learn how to get rid of love handles and lose abs belly fat from home. Do this for 14 days consecutively paired with good nutrition for the best results.

Thank you to Optimum Nutrition for helping me create this free workout program to share with the LEAN familia during this difficult time for all of us 💙

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20 thoughts on “LOSE LOVE HANDLES and BELLY FAT in 14 Days | Home Workout

  1. I love this workout a lot! I've been doing it for more than 2 weeks and I see a big change. I have a question though, do I need to keep doing this workout every day if I want to keep my love handles and belly flat? Or should I just watch my eating? Exercise is always recommended of course, but I was wondering if it's ""obligatory"" to do it every day if you want to keep a good body. Thanks!

  2. doing this for 2 weeks –
    12 years old
    i’m not going to measure my waist i’m just gonna see if i can get a physical difference
    day 1- wow this was hard took some breaks but very sweaty now
    day 2- it was actually harder lol
    day 3- it got harder 😮
    day 4- so much easier than yesterday.. feel some results coming
    day5- rest
    day 6 i actually see my hip dip went down a little bit it’s a physical difference

  3. I'll be documenting my progress during the next 2 weeks.

    DAY 1 : That hurt quite a bit, couldn't finish the last exercise.
    DAY 2 : Pretty sore but was able to complete the workout, YAY.
    DAY 3 : Unable to make any noticeable difference but muscle memory is helping me get through this.
    DAY 4 : Felt the burn today not sure why but felt good after.
    DAY 5: I took a break, mans was tired so imma add an additional day to this entire thing.
    DAY 6 : Weirdly enough, these exercises felt much easier to complete compared to the first day, I'm not as exhausted. I am starting to notice a slight difference. Do keep in mind I used to eat snacks at night and I have stopped since working out.
    DAY 7:
    DAY 8:
    DAY : 9
    DAY 10:
    DAY 11:
    DAY 12:
    DAY 13:
    DAY 14;
    DAY 15:

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