LOSE MUFFIN TOP FAT in 10 Days (love handles) | 10 minute Home Workout

LOSE MUFFIN TOP FAT in 10 Days (love handles) | 10 minute Home Workout

Lose muffin top and love handles fat in 10 days at home with this 10 minute home workout. These abs and obliques fat loss exercises will help target the love handle area and burn belly fat at home. Learn how to get rid of love handles and muffin tops. For best results do this for 10 days with good nutrition.

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20 thoughts on “LOSE MUFFIN TOP FAT in 10 Days (love handles) | 10 minute Home Workout

  1. day 1: i did this and her flat stomach workout and it didn’t burn that bad but for some reason i felt it in my legs more than my stomach

    day 2: i just did this video and i could definitely feel it more in my abs today. it burned but it was also a good burn if that makes sense lol. i’m also not changing my diet

  2. Too f**** cool thank you I'm going to start this. You made me happy made me laugh made me love life again reminding me how discipline I am. Thank you and I love your dog, I love your Australian accent. God bless us all

  3. i combined this work out with another work out, I've been doing this for 3 weeks and a few days and i still haven't seen results. This is okay! Every body is different, i may not see changes now but it'll definitely be worth it as soon as i see changes 🙂

  4. I am gonna record my progress below. I have actually done her workout for two days already so let’s see how the rest goes 🙂
    day 1: It was kind of difficult, but i did feel the burn. Not really any visible changes with my love handles, yet.
    Day 2: i was pretty sore from yesterday, and I can’t do some exercises to the full time yet, but i will soon 🙂 it was a nice burn.
    Day 3: Wasn’t able to do it today, really busy with school. i’ll update tomorrow :3
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:

  5. OMGGGG!!!! The buuuuuurrnnnnnnn!!!! Day one was so challenging. I CANNOT wait to try this for the next nine days 😉

  6. im gonna do this in 10 days! wish me luck!
    1:DONE✅ i feel the burn!! its so hard and i need to take a break frequently but this is my first day so its okay.
    2:DONE: maybe because i've been doing others work out but it doesn't hurt anymore like yesterday

  7. I did this for 10 days and I don't think I have lost my love handles although, I dropped a little weight..I will still continue this workout because it is easy and loe impact

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