Low carb is better than low fat for older adults

A new study shows a very low carb keto diet is better than a low fat diet for weight loss and fat mass loss in people over age 60. It also shows us the importance of “real world studies” as opposed to overly controlled metabolic ward studies.

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20 thoughts on “Low carb is better than low fat for older adults

  1. I’m 64 and disabled with about 4 stone to loose, I feel very weak on the keto diet it’s been 9 days but I’m not hungry and my health has improved How long will it take to feel better if anybody has any answers I would really appreciate it thank you

  2. Hey about antique??? Antique people are a source of wisdom which enhances the younger generation everyday life. We have the life experience that can contribute to our children's lives and other children we come in contact with. I love my wisdom and though I do listen to my adult children, I know full well they want me around and appreciate that I keep myself healthy, physically fit, and busy. I have taught them since day one that family is all and I drone that into them. I know from experience that when family is broken and that when your elders die there is a hudge void that will never be filled even after thirty years. So yes, therefore, I will be an antique that will be sought because I know my worth. Do you???
    I know we listen to social media which portray youth is to be sought after. But have you seen what youths are doing? Absolutely no thank you. Then also take a look at our elderly president who is doing exactly what the young people want him to. He has made a mockery of our nation, and the wisdom of the elderly. He should instead show the wisdom of bring in politics for 47 years. Those are the types of people we must avoid being. Being old and devoid of wisdom. OMG. I have never been happier with advancing birthdays. I tell everyone. Why? Because if what I can pass down if they listen. So should you.

  3. I'm 51. So I concider myself still Middle aged…???????? I have a friend about my age. She was not nearly as big as me. But her and her Mate went on Keto. She lost her weight. Working out. And looking fabulous at 51. She still looks like she did as she did in high school. I've learned that I don't need Dairy daily. Even though I could. ????

  4. My Mom is in her 80's. She doesn't need to lose weight. She only weighs 80+ some odd pounds. But she is showing memory loss and other cognitive issues and has alot of pain and tiredness. I know she would feel a bazillion % better doing this, but not if she's going to lose more weight. How do you get all the other benefits except the weight loss? Just eat more fat?

  5. I eat healthy carbs, rice, potatoes, barley, quoina etc., and low/no fat as recommended in Forks over Knives and have no arthritis, lost 25 pounds and feel satisfied and amazing. All that fat can't be good for your heart. I also do not have the need for any medications, nada! I'm 66 and feel better now than in my 30s.

  6. I started Keto six weeks ago. Was blood tested as pre diabetic and cholesterol at 5.9, On a very high fat diet with all the usual other back up veggies. No carbs at all. I am 72, overweight and otherwise fit. Feel better already but the cost of the diet is high. It's expensive; potatoes totally excluded for example. So no Shepherds pie which is a stable winter food. No pasta bakes . Never mind all the refined sugar that's easy to give up. But the cheese, butter , eggs and all the meat – means its not for poor people. That why the poor generally are overweight . I have lost about 8 lbs. so far. Long way to go as my target is to loose at least two thirty pounds. Don't accept. its that healthy; carrots, pes and pulses are all banned and they are so good . miss whole grian cereals. Cannot even eat porridge. I will persevere but I don't share all the euphoria

  7. My grandson knows that Old is OK, Elderly IS NOT!
    I'm a 75 yo on low carb for several years. BMI 22, walk 5-15 miles almost every day, and never feel anything but GREAT!

  8. I am a 66year old female who lost 19 kilos after a gastric sleeve surgery. I found it hard after that to lose any more. After going Keto about 11 months ago I managed to lose the rest, a total of 33 kilos. I would never go back to eating any other way because I feel so much better physically and mentally. Pico from Queensland Australia

  9. Elderly. I often think of Joe Namath. He said he’s in the 4th quarter of his life once he hit 75. Great philosophy!
    This year our class was going to have a
    Happy 60’th Birthday party but Covid hit. I wished a friend Happy Birthday the other day, and said “Here’s to the next 60!”
    I need to get healthy and see how far I can go ! ????

  10. I’m 59 year old black woman with 150 lbs to loss and have been diagnosed by my doctor as having extremely low metabolism but not enough for medication to fix it. I have been doing keto for 3 weeks with a loss of only 5 lbs. what am I doing wrong ? I feel better but I need help understanding what 30 grams of fat or protein looks like. Please help me visualize what 20 or 30 g of protein or fat in a meal looks like with 20 carbs. I have also started intermittent fasting. Are usually have one meal a day between the hours of one and six and I don’t have much of an appetite until then. But I don’t know what a plate of carbs protein and fat looks like a per meal. Please help!!

  11. I've been on keto and I've lost 48 pounds the only problem with the diet is the high fat content my cholesterol is at 238 so I'm wondering how do I stay on keito and lower my cholesterol ?


  12. And if you want real world diet knowledge, Google the Nutritional Genomics Institute. Because these fad diets and only control 2 to 3 variables in only work in specific population is going to consider generalized and then it ministered to the public is that they work as a blanket diet, do not work. Every population weather male or female, whether Asian or African-American, whether young or old they all have genetic variants in environmental factors. These blankets dad‘s do not work. Research scientist that is also a certified nutrition specialist from the American Nutrition Association. And you will look at this real world study that you’re claiming as a lab study. Because that’s exactly what it is.

  13. You cannot generalize a low carb diet working across the board and a geriatric population. This is why. Your test subjects are obese. There’s nothing else listed about their comorbidities. There’s nothing else listed about cardiac issues. There’s nothing listed about G.I. issues or leaky got etc. In fact there’s no other comorbidities that are actually taking into account here and the only variables that are being tested are a carb diet versus a fat diet in an already obese population. Any scientist or educated person is going to read this and say well if you give that to an obese person they’re not going to lose fat. It’s that plain and simple. Also you cannot restrict carbs in geriatric population with any type of neurological issues. So this is not something that can be taken into account for the general geriatric population. Especially considering how Many of the geriatric population actually do suffer from some type of neuropathy, dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other comorbidities that is not even considered here. So if you restrict fat from an obese population, should you see a reduction in fat question I mean yes let’s not actually consider this to be groundbreaking. That is all

  14. April 2018 I was 75 yrs. old weighed 270 lbs. with no illness just HBP controlled with meds. I read about Ketogenic diet and watched Youtube doc. Ken Berry. One year later I weighed 160 lbs. Doing Ketogenic way of eating along with IF. I am now 77 and have ditched my meds waist dropped from 48 in. to 34 in. I will be LCHF for the remainder of my life. I currently eat OMAD 75% of the time. Since April 2018 I have never felt hungry.

  15. I am 79 and went on Keto in January. I have lost 32 pounds and more important I feel so much better. I stated out eating 3 meals a day, but after a while I was not hungry so I cut back to 2 meals. I did that for a while and realized that I was eating by the clock. So I cut back to 1 meal a day and feel full and satisfied. My energy level went up and the fog went away in my head. WOW what a difference. My wife also followed the same pattern at age 72. She has lost over 50 pounds and I am having trouble keeping up with her. I recommend this life style for anyone that wants to be more healthy and active.

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