LOW CARB KETO DIET – Debunking 7 Misleading Statements

The low-carb keto diet gets debunked once and for all!

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20 thoughts on “LOW CARB KETO DIET – Debunking 7 Misleading Statements

  1. Keto, vegan, medditerrean. Intermittent fasting etc…
    I think whatever keeps people off processed food, refined sugar, and make them eat a more balanced diet and more whole foods.. it will be good for them.????
    Remember its real people we are talking about. If you try to force them into the "perfect diet" it will break them and they will give up. Improvement is the goal, not perfection. If keto or whatever diet gives them 10 years extra. Let them have that.

  2. I have been working out for a long time, I started in 2004 and I have tried all kinds of diets. I'm here now watching this vlog because I just quit doing keto diet. I've been on a keto diet for a few weeks and I noticed that I didn't lose weight at all. What really worked for me is the calorie deficit diet or fast 800 diet and that is already tried and tested by me. I noticed that on keto diet, my waistline increased. I was on OMAD with intermittent fasting, but it wasn't really effective for me which is quite disappointing. On a low-calorie diet, I could lose weight in an instant and I can easily see the improvement of my weight and waistline in just a week. But on keto diet, my abs disappeared even if I was consistently exercising every day. I just tried the keto diet because I've heard a lot of benefits about it like treating diseases, clearing up the skin, lowering blood sugar level and what I liked the most is, it would make you lose weight EASILY (that's what they claimed) and what happened to me was the opposite, I literally gained weight considering that I was on a strict keto diet with intermittent fasting and a hardcore exercise. When I was on low-calorie diet, my weight was 43 kilos and then it became 49.9 kilos after 5 weeks of doing strict keto diet. I feel so much better when I don't eat fatty foods, I feel lighter. Adding fats on my diet really is against my will but I had to, for the sake of keto diet. But FAT really did make me FAT! Before I began doing this type of diet, my waistline was 23 inches and now it's 27 inches and this is mentally draining for me. It sucks big time! Keto Diet is not really for everyone. I also don't like the amount of restrictions on this type of diet, the keto flu, leg cramps and bad breath are terrible! For active people like me, I need my carbohydrates! And now that I'm back to low-calorie diet, I feel a lot better knowing that I could eat anything I want without feeling guilty. If you want to lose weight, plant-based/vegan diet is so much better than keto diet. At least, I don't need to pay animals to be abused.

  3. My own experience suggests that the keto diet is over-hyped. A good diet is supposed to be easy to follow and be healthy. Agoge diet is a great option, I lost a lot of stubborn belly fat.

  4. Why not just eat normally instead of one extreme way or another? Vegan and keto are both dumb as hell.

  5. Insulin resistance… is this not a thing? You can only spike it so many times before it all goes wrong…

  6. Yes, keto is very VERY popular… another reason to avoid it. Most are not wise about nutrition and health, and I’m wanting optimum health, not to look good in a coffin ⚰️

  7. Every single medical pro suggesting a keto diet has provided the science links for me. How disappointing to hear your unsupported evangelism flogging endless dead horses. Perhaps you would consider debating one of the keto proponents live? I don't care which one. I haven't noticed any of them lying to me as wildly as you are in this vid.

  8. Apart from the last 6 month's where I have undergone lots of increased stress personally i have found the low carb lifestyle very useful for weight loss and controlling palpitations and panic attacks. However I am picky about the fat I use. I try to stick to natural fats: no margarine, no fried vegetable oils etc. I also practice intermittent fasting. What's your comment on fasting

  9. I have so far listened up to so-called misconception #1 and as one who has been practicing low carb, high fat/keto for 4 years, I have to agree with all you have said so far. You have listed undisputed facts. Let me listen to what else you say…..

  10. im bored and use these clips of this nonsense to keep me to the keto diet. This channel convinces me more that keto is the right thing as any other channel. Thanks for the motivation.

  11. I just re-watched this and wanted to give it more Likes! Thanks so much for this. I find the "debate" (really, culture war) around insulin resistance so confusing and fraught with misinformation, but usually I don't have enough information to debunk all the falsehoods. I know several people with diabetes who swear they can't eat any carbs because their blood sugar spikes. They say their insulin sensitivity is controlled by not eating any carbs, even whole grains or legumes. I know that's wrong but I didn't know quite how to make the case. This video spells out all the misconceptions and misinformation and debunks it with the actual biochemistry. Really worthwhile. I want to send a link to everyone I know. And for what it's worth: +10 Likes.

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